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    Hiring the wrong person costs UK businesses billions

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    Recruiters are being urged to be mindful as British businesses are losing billions of pounds a year through hiring mistakes. 85% of HR decision-makers admitting their company has hired the wrong candidate, but a third still believe the mistake hasn’t cost the firm any profits. A report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation hopes to […]

    How to work with Millennials

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    The business landscape is changing to reflect the growing world around us, and introducing the Millennial to the workplace can be a nightmare for some businesses. The Millennials and ‘Generation Z’ are the first generations to grow up within a constantly-connected, multicultural world, and they’re bringing their new experiences to the working world. Opinionated, informed […]

    How travelling can boost your employability

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    Travelling could be the secret to solving your job worries, according to a new report. CV Library has revealed how you could improve your attractiveness to recruiters by taking the time to explore, with statistics showing that 86% of employers believe that travelling increases your chances of securing an interview. As spending time out of […]

    What the General Election result means for PAs

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    Freelance, temporary and virtual assistants could be put at risk following the results of the UK General Election, according to a recruitment specialist. The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has warned that the snap election, which saw the Conservatives lose its overall majority from the 2015 General Election, will lead to uncertainty for many […]

    Scottish PA of the Year announced

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    The Scottish PA Network Awards has named Fiona Forbes as Scottish PA of the Year 2017 as part of a conference aimed at showcasing the crucial roles PAs across the globe make within the workplace. As part of the Scottish PA Network Conference, in association with Hays PA and Secretarial recruiting firm, Forbes has been […]

    How to write a CV when changing careers

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    Personalising a CV for the job you want can be a difficult task, especially as the way employers digest CVs continues to change, but the challenge can be even greater when faced with embarking on a new career path. Detailing which experience is the most relevant to your new job opportunities and understanding what different […]

    More than half of British workers love their jobs

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    Nearly two thirds of Brits claim to either love or really like their jobs as reports show that 64% of workers don’t suffer from ‘Sunday night dread’. The study marked the launch of the One4all Spotlight Awards, and revealed that many across the country hold their job in high regard, with a third expecting to […]

    Which is the perfect office dog for you?

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    With ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ hitting UK offices June 23, a study has revealed the UK’s preferred dog co-workers. The research, by office furniture provider DBI Furniture Solutions, explored what workers value in their colleagues and how personality can reflect the strength of both an employee and a four-legged friend. Among the traits […]

    ‘Space Invaders’ reduce office productivity

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    Who you work with can greatly influence how you work. Attitude and energy can have a huge effect on your output, but sometimes you can’t avoid working with colleagues that might be hindering your productivity. Cloud-based work management company Workfront has released a study detailing the most common types of colleague likely to sap your […]

    The majority of recruiters still find tattoos ‘undesirable’

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    64% of recruiters admit to being put off by applicants with tattoos, according to new findings. A study by course providers DPG also revealed that over half of those involved in the hiring process believe that tattoos have a negative impact on the workplace and were rated as the second most likely feature to limit […]