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      Amelia Walker

      Gender affecting women’s bank accounts

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      Women today can be a yummy mummy or a career woman, a country bird or a city slicker, but one thing over half the population of UK women have in common is that they are FRUMPS, according to research released today by Payfriendz. Findings shows that it?s not just the paygap that is affecting women?s […]


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      **CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER** Thank you to all of you who entered our September/October Deliveroo competition. It is with great pleasure that we announce Deborah Hicks as the winner of the grand prize – ?500 of food from the UK?s best restaurants delivered straight to her office courtesy of Deliveroo. There are plenty more fabulous […]

      The digitisation of organisations’ finance functions

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      The digitisation of organisations? finance functions is well underway and UK businesses are more confident they are in a strong position to address future businesses challenges than their counterparts in Europe, according to new research from leading specialist recruitment consultancy, Robert Half UK. The majority (89%) of UK finance leaders are confident their digitisation plans […]

      Night night sleep tight

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      It is estimated that one third of people experience bouts of insomnia, with one in 20 taking sleeping pills at some point. The Great British Sleep Survey 2012 by Sleepio found that out of 20,814 participants, the average sleep score was just 5.1/10 and that an incredible 42% of those on sleeping pills have had sleep […]

      The 3pm slump

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      A wave of tiredness, loss of concentration and the seemingly impossible battle to keep your eyes open ? sound familiar? These are the telltale signs for many of us experiencing the impending afternoon office slump. Mornings are normally fraught. You sit down at your desk, the phone rings and before you know it you find […]

      The British gifting spend

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      Britain is becoming an increasingly generous nation; according to new research which shows consumers are anticipating a 7% increase in gifting spend. In 2014, the average Briton spent ?370.67 on gifting occasions – but, according to the One4all Gift Card Gifting Index, the average UK adult is now predicting a spend ?397.37 typically on presents […]

      Petty cash conundrums for UK businesses

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      New research has revealed that petty cash confusion is costing each UK business, on average, ?355 a year. This may seem insignificant but with 5.2million businesses operating in the UK and the average UK salary reported at ?25,500, the combined total of mishandled petty cash could be used to boost the UK workforce by an […]

      Now, something for the boss

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      At PA Life we?re devoted to bringing you the very latest news, tips, advice and recommendations on a whole smorgasbord of topics that we hope are of interest to you in your professional lives. Since our most popular stories seem to be those that provide suggestions on how to engender a better working relationship with […]

      Get a good night’s sleep for health’s sake

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      Recent research reports that staying up all night ? or suffering a bad night?s sleep can alter your cellular clock and lead to a myriad of health problems. The new study from Uppsala University in Sweden has found that missing a single night?s sleep can have more serious implications than previously thought. The research also […]

      Tweet twoo!

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      Kenneth Cole, boss of the eponymous clothing brand, tweeted this blooper during the Egyptian revolution: “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now online…”. Ryanair boss Michael O?Leary once infamously replied to a female questioner with: “Nice pic. Phwoaaarr! MOL” whilst Richard Branson, who has over six […]