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      Amelia Walker

      The most productive time of the office day is?

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      Productivity. In an era of always-on technology and continual interruptions, being able to solely focus on ones work for extended periods of time can prove rather tricky. According to data from call answering, message taking and virtual office specialists MessageBase, the early bird really does catch the worm ? as the post coffee, pre-lunch period […]

      Coffee coo

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      Coffee. It is for many of us our morning drug. We cannot function without a cup ? it?s one of the reasons we pry ourselves out of bed each morning. Think you?re hooked? Not to worry ? in spite of the big myth that coffee is not good for you, research in fact tells us […]

      Protein power: on the go

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      What is the difference between a snack that has long-term staying power and one that will leave you feeling peckish only a few hours later? Protein. Why? Because Protein slows digestion, keeps blood sugar steady and cravings at bay and in the long term, results in actually eating less food overall because its means you […]

      That time of the month

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      A new study has found that a significant number of working women are taking sick days because of PMS. A staggering 17 million is the total number of ?sick days? women in the UK are taking every year because of PMS. A new study by health brand Cleanmarine of 2,000 women aged over 18; found that […]

      Part 2: How to interview PA candidates

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      As an employer, if you?ve made the decision to hire a personal assistant – the easy part is over. The hard part comes during the interview process — how do you narrow down your search to find the perfect candidate? As the second part of our PA recruitment double-header, here are eight must-ask interview questions. […]

      Part 1: Approaching a PA job search

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      Today?s top-flying personal and executive assistants are no longer glorified secretaries, they are managing big budgets and making key business decisions. In the first instalment of our PA recruitment two-parter, whether you?re just starting your job search or keen to advance your career, here are things you should keep in mind when looking for your […]

      Meetings: Valuable Time

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      Communication is key, hence why meetings play such an important role in the world of business. Justifying if a meeting is actually required however, is easier said than done. As renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said, ?meetings are indispensable when you don?t want to do anything.?Good meetings are brief, productive; everybody contributes and leaves […]