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      For business leaders, decision-making during this time feels like a roll of the dice and the idea of workforce planning is seen as an impossible dream. But, could it be part of the answer for businesses to emerge healthier and more balanced into the future right now?  With this question in mind, Matthew Dickason, Global […]

      Five things companies need to consider before employees return to the workplace

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      by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula Earlier this week, the UK Government released a roadmap for easing lockdown provisions in England, including instructing workers to go back to work if they cannot feasibly work from home and their workplace is open. It’s important to note, that this does not mean that everything […]

      Taking offline events into the virtual realm

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      By Svetlana Bezrodnaya, JTB Europe The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly transformed the events industry, with planning for face-to-face events, conference and meetings completely turned on its head during this period.  We are fully aware of the benefits and value that events and conferences have on businesses, whether it be in drawing in new customers, motivating […]

      Networking 2.0: What will be the new metrics for meetings

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      By Danny Pecorelli, Managing Director, Exclusive Collection The event sector is built on the business of networking, whether a business event, family celebration or partnering with likeminded suppliers.  We shake hands, shape ideas and share knowledge and the 2-metre distancing rule is sure to have a major impact on how meetings are managed and staged. […]

      Can employees refuse to return to the workplace after lockdown?

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      by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula In normal circumstances, staff refusing to come into work could potentially be treated as misconduct, provided they have no valid reason for doing so. However, the upcoming post-lockdown weeks are set to be far from normal. For many, the prospect of returning to work with the […]

      Bank holiday pay during furlough: what you need to know

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      by Alan Price HR expert and CEO at BrightHR With Friday being a bank holiday, and staff across the UK being furloughed, employers may be wondering how furlough interacts with annual leave such as public holidays. The first thing they should remember is that furloughed employees can take annual leave. However, they need to be […]

      The benefits of team-building explained

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      Bringing together colleagues and staff for group activities can help create better morale, more collaboration and, ultimately, help grow your company’s productivity. Matt Carter of Team Wellness Solutions offers some tips on how to get the most from your team-building days once we’re out of lockdown… I have been told many times, by many employers, […]

      WELLBEING: 14 plants to forage this Spring while in Lockdown

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      By Wendy Paton, Founder, London Bushcraft Being in self-isolation has been difficult for us all, but for me personally, connecting with nature has been my saviour! If working from home combined with home schooling has caused your stress levels to rise, connecting with nature can be very therapeutic.  Foraging is a great place to start […]

      Top Tips: Your essential guide to ‘above the keyboard’ dressing

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      by Sarah Biancardi, House of Colour consultant The need for online interactions in place of face-to-face gatherings and meetings is essential amid the COVID-19 pandemic and while social distancing measures are in place. The effects on our personal and professional exchanges require us to be available and camera-ready at all times. How we present ourselves over […]

      How to: Master remote working

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      Even before the pandemic, more companies were offering flexible working options. Now it’s a reality for most of us. Katie Mellor of KM Virtual Office offers some advice… These exceptional circumstances may have forced us to work from home, but I believe it’s a positive way to work. And I have some advice on how […]