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    The real social network

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    Have you ever thought of setting up a PA network? it may not be easy, but it’s certainly worthwhile. Marion Lowrence offers some expert advice on how to go about it. You need to be focused and have a plan. It helps to write down what you want from the network and to think about how you […]

    The diplomatic approach

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    The workplace can be filled with tricky social and corporate decisions. Here, Sue France tells you how to resolve difficult situations with tact. When you enter into any conflict situation, you have to know what outcome you want; it is not about blame, but instead finding a solution and looking to the future. At all times you […]

    Perfect presents for your gift list

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    Whether you’re buying for clients, colleagues, friends, or family, Laithwaite’s Wine has put together its finest selection of festive gifts. From single bottles to luxury hampers and gift sets, you’ll find something for everyone – and prices start from just £14.99. Each gift is beautifully packaged and, with options including a personalised message or guaranteed […]

    You don’t need to be a celebrity to have your very own PA

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    It would appear that many of our fellow PAs across the pond have an incredibly heavy workload, as some of them have resorted to hiring assistants to run their personal errands. This just proves that you don’t have to be a celebrity or a high-level executive to afford such a luxury. Run Around Betties, a […]

    The art of communication

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    We all communicate naturally, but we don’t always communicate effectively. Heather Baker talks us through her strategy for getting your message across clearly and concisely. We pick up messages from each other in three ways: from body language, tone of voice and the words we use. We glean most from people’s body language and yet so […]

    A view from the top

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    “All organisations run because of good teams and people in support roles are a major part of those teams. The job is always varied, so PAs have to be able to anticipate as well as react and personal PAs have to do so on an emotional and professional level.”   This is just some of […]

    PA profile: Lisa Ditchburn

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    When Lisa Ditchburn tells people what she does for a living, she is often asked if she wears a sparkly spandex leotard to work. “Magician’s assistant” certainly sounds like a fun, if somewhat frivolous, role. “It’s a conversation starter,” she comments. However, in the four years she has spent at Marvin’s Magic as PA to founder Marvin Berglas, […]

    Top 12 healthy office snacks

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    Snacking at your desk doesn’t have to ruin your diet, as there are plenty of healthy options to choose from. Here are some of PA Life’s favourites. Yoghurt makes the perfect anytime snack. Fruyo Greek yoghurt by Fage is delicious and convenient. At 82 calories per serving and high in fibre, you don’t have to […]

    Stay informed with Business First Partnership

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    Busy PAs who are responsible for booking business travel will understand the need for effective communication before, during and after the booking process. Historically, changes to travel plans come through on email and it can sometimes be difficult to view email trails and spot any changes that have been made by the traveller – particularly […]

    A memo from Lisa Agasee

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    When I opened my contacts book a couple of months back, and invited female friends, colleagues and acquaintances to join me for drinks, little did I know how life-changing the evening would prove to be. I was even less prepared for the fact that it would inspire a completely new career path. Only when I set about compiling the […]