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    Take a walk on the wild side at Longleat Park

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    Longleat is a unique venue that is able to host a variety of corporate events throughout the year. With its world-famous Safari Park, Elizabethan stately home and adventure attractions, the property provides a memorable backdrop for meetings. Located near Warminster in Wiltshire, the venue has space for up to 5,000 people and offers a large […]

    A capital idea

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    The London Venues Summit is the ideal way for PAs and event planners to source new suppliers. With a schedule of dedicated meetings and educational seminars, Molly Dyson explains why it’s a day out of the office well spent. It’s an age-old scenario: you’ve got a big London event to plan, but you don’t have […]

    The assistants behind Hollywood’s elite

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    Hollywood stars often come across as ultra-organised and efficient, effortlessly gliding through life in an elegant, calm fashion. What you don’t usually get to see is the effort that their assistants put in to get them there. George Clooney has been linked to a series of glamorous women over the years, but the one who has […]

    A memo from Nicky Christmas

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    I was chatting to a friend of a friend the other night and was asked that all-important question: “What do you do?” I went with my usual response of “I’m an Executive Assistant” only to be probed slightly further with the follow-up query, “What do Executive Assistants do exactly?” My off-the-cuff response was “I make […]

    From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA: Kia Oval corporate hospitality with Keith Prowse

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    Summer is so close I can taste it. That’s a figure of speech, of course, but it was literally a reality last night when I had the chance to sample some amazing dishes served at my first sporting event of the season, the Natwest T20 England vs Sri Lanka cricket match, courtesy of my good […]

    Why meetings matter

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    Meetings can eat into people’s busy working day, so it’s important to make sure time out of the office is time well spent, says Miguel Neves. The first step to holding a successful meeting is to ask questions and make sure you understand the desired outcome. The objectives don’t need to be complex, but everyone […]

    From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA: Coach corporate gifting launch

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    I am your typical girl when it comes to handbags. Put me in a shop full of them and I can spend hours browsing. Well the other night I was invited to the launch of Coach’s new corporate gifting collection at its New Bond Street location. I think Mr P will be glad I went […]

    Great ways to go green

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    It’s Green Office Week and employees across the UK are being encouraged to create a greener and healthier working environment. Workers should keep in mind the 3 Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, according to organiser Avery’s Marketing Director Fiona Mills. Many hands make light work as the old saying goes, so to get started simply […]

    How to negotiate the ideal work-life balance

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    More than one in four employees who work for companies that are not perceived to care about creating a work-life balance plan to leave their job within the next two years. In other findings uncovered in a recent study carried out by employee opinion researcher Hay Group Insight, almost half (49%) of all employees surveyed […]

    Be mindful of meditation

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    If the pressures and stresses of the workplace are getting to you, it’s time to learn how to slow down your mind and really relax, advises Jain Wells. While the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation is commonly known for its ability to induce a state of deep relaxation, its real purpose is to cultivate present-moment […]