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    Capture perfect moments with a personalised postcard

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    Have you ever had that moment on a business trip when you’ve seen something breath taking and wanted to send a postcard to a loved one but didn’t have the time to search for one and get to a post office? Now you can snap a photo and send a print to anyone in the […]

    Without a trace

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    You know the scenario only too well: your boss has asked you to unearth that vital piece of information that he desperately needs for his presentation to the CEO and – guess what – you just can’t for the life of you track it down. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone: the […]

    Get your message across

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    As the role of PA becomes the career choice of an increasing number of ambitious individuals, the variety of courses geared at enhancing specific support skills also grows. Nicole Holgate examines some of the options. Developed by former PA Lindsay Taylor, ‘Be a PA with PA – Perfect Awareness’ and ‘Perfecting Your Awareness’ are one-day workshops […]

    A matter of record

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    It may not be the most thrilling part of your working day, but intelligent records management is important for meeting legislation, as Jason Thomas explains. Breaching the Data Protection Act has serious consequences. Earlier this year, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was fined £250,000 following a serious breach. But it’s not just global firms that are investigated. […]

    Business First Partnership helps the busy PA

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    Many of us think we are taking the easy (and cheapest) way out by booking business travel online or directly through airlines’ websites. However, TMCs such as Business First Partnership will not only do the hard work for you, they will quote you the best possible fare according to your budget. Business First Partnership offers […]

    Find space for new ideas at work

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    A tiny office with little diversity in the type of space available is enough to make anyone go stir crazy. However, as new people enter the workforce, companies are altering the way the office is run, and this is leading to a change in the distribution of the workplace budget. The latest Occupier Density study […]

    Out of the ordinary

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    PA Life presents a selection of locations to bear in mind the next time your boss requests an event setting that is truly memorable.   Lincoln’s Inn (pictured)lincolnsinn.org.ukSpaces available: The Old Hall and Crypt can accommodate 250 guests for a reception. The Great Hall hosts up to 300 delegates theatre-style, or between 250 to 600 […]

    Off the beaten track

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    A unique venue can embody your brand, be a great draw for delegates and could even cost less than you think. Nicole Holgate talks to those in the know. If your company hasn’t yet ventured beyond the hotel chains in order to host its events, it may be high time to think about it. “It’s […]

    Tame the stress habit with self-help techniques

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    Many PAs work in high-paced, pressurised, and demanding big business environments – the perfect breeding ground for stress in other words. By using the OAR model of Objective, Action, Review you can effectively get it under control and work towards achieving a more harmonious state of mind. According to Andrew Stead, a former Goldman Sachs […]

    Top 12 office innovations

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    There was a lot to see and do at this year’s Office Management & PA Show, so if you missed any of the good bits, check out PA Life’s highlights.   FRESH JUICES Sejuiced provides personalised refreshments for corporate events that are designed to blast away fatigue. It can host a mobile bar serving freshly […]