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    Book the best hotels at the lowest available rates

    Arbitrip, an online booking tool dedicated to business accommodations, helps PAs and EAs find the most relevant hotels for each specific trip while making sure you get the lowest available rates.

    There is no need to search on multiple websites, compare prices, search for reviews or check for the location of the hotel. Arbitrip gives you all the information you need, directly from more than 60 different suppliers.

    And the best part? Using Arbitrip is completely free! There is no monthly fee, no setup fee, no transaction fee and no hidden fees.

    With Arbitrip you will benefit from:

    • Access to discounted hotel rates – Get B2B, deeply discounted rates from more than 60 different suppliers.
    • Saving time by getting all the information you need in one place – no more comparing different websites.
    • Centralised payments – Pay once a month or as you go, whatever works for you.
    • Centralised invoicing – Arbitrip can issue a monthly invoice or an invoice per booking, whatever makes your account department happy.
    • Awesome 24/7 VIP service – by phone, chat and email.
    • Keeping everything under control – Arbitrip helps you create and manage a travel policy for your company.
    • Managing approval workflows – Busy times? Let your travelers’ book for themselves, and in case the prices are high, your travelers would have to request for out-of-policy deals.
    • Keeping tabs on your travel activity – see your travel spend, check your policy compliance and generate insights in real-time.

    Contact us to schedule a quick demo and see how you can save time and money when booking hotel stays.

    Email; info@arbitrip.com  
    Tel; +44 20 3608 0404
    Website; www.arbitrip.com
    Address; Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 8AB.