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    BriefingLine is the consolidated communication tool for busy professionals and their support teams that captures all of executives priorities in one app.

    As a EA, you want to give your executive the opportunity to make the best use of their time and you need to make it quick and simple for them to update you on the outcomes of issues they have had to deal with.

    What meetings do they have to attend?

    What calls do they need to make?

    What action items and documents do they need to review?

    With each of these items contains your supporting information like key points, documents to read before a meeting and talking points whilst on a call.

    But how do you make this communication and daily briefings as efficient and seamless as possible? This is where BriefingLine comes in.

    BriefingLine allows you to easily and centrally manage your executives meeting and appointment priorities, adding private briefing documents, notes, and comments to their schedule, in one place with one app for the executive to use.

    Commitments for their day are automatically synchronised with their calendar inside BriefingLine, so there is no need for multiple applications or entering information twice.

    Executives can attach notes after fulfilling a commitment, which are automatically updated to you.Updates can be:

    • Text
    • Voice memos
    • Photos
    • Videos





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