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    C> See Forward, a company supporting forward-looking workplace cultures.

    C> See Forward is a leading Well-being Consultant offering Mindset & Mental Health Employee Assistance Programmes, Coaching and Workshops.

    C> See Forward provides positive-thinking reinforcement programmes for employees & leaders, with the core goal to support the creation of new neural pathways around positive thoughts, helping the person open up to different and limitless choices.

    We know we learn through repetition. We form opinions based on our knowledge and over time, as our opinions are reinforced, we develop beliefs. They serve us well if they are accurate or until we need to change them. Sometimes, the patterns or beliefs we have developed, stop us from living a good life or from reaching our goals. By far, the fastest way to learn and change our beliefs is through repetition and, as we developed our mobile app, we have made sure to put a lot of the latest research into this.

    The C> mobile app delivers a pilot package built to help businesses thrive post Covid-19 and provides  business support that focuses on mindset and well-being, whilst increasing resilience to stress for current employees. A separate module for the recently unemployed/redundant provides research, practical/positive perspectives and support for the exiting employees.

    Through its modules, the app facilitates mental, physical and social health improvement at the user’s own pace, without any external pressure from the environment, colleagues or managers. When we increase employee’s resilience and mental health, productivity and performance will follow. People who are not good at living life to its fullest, are most of the time stressed, overwhelmed, depressed or under a lot of pressure. When we manage to enhance their mindset, their resilience, people will be equipped with the tools they need, they will have the resources to fight stress, and most of the time, they will be more successful in overcoming depression.

    Unfortunately, according to research, the percentage of people affected by mental health disorders in the UK was 14.65% (9,669,000) in 2017 and mental illness costs the UK 4% of GDP, which in 2014 was £70bn a year.

    The series of well-researched insights on relevant topics are created by C> team which consists of teachers, consultants and specialists with expertise in psychology, NLP, career progression, personal development, coaching and hypnotherapy.

    The C> See Forward modules clarify perception filters, optimum level of sensory feedback and their implications on well-being. Research around chemical/hormonal factors and physical aspects of negative/positive thinking help shift from a negative self-talk to positive self-talk and provide insights to overcome mental blocks and limiting beliefs. By helping channel their inner motivation, people understand the benefits of a growth mindset and are able to savour change using better reference points and constructive perspectives.

    The 3 Points of Happiness© improve self-guiding and self-direction by helping users gain clarity with the inner interaction and the internal debate for change of the physical or the environment. Various tools help people fight procrastination, get unstuck or increase success and help them improve the emotional audit, therefore change the internal dialogue to a constructive, positive state of mind.

    Companies that adopted similar programmes have seen an increase in sales of $100m in 6 months and further annual growth from $1.2b to $4.5b after implementing the same training to all employees.

    If you would want to start an exploratory conversation around this private project and the complementary tool, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07379 12 48 48 or via email to hello@seeforward.co.uk