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    There is nothing more powerful than giving a gift of wellbeing, and at the moment, also the gift of self-care time, a touch of kindness for another.  A sense of taking time out to STOP INHALE RESET.   A gift that shows you really do care and indeed that we can share a skill that improves possibilities and potential.

    Scentered, founded by the proven but somewhat maverick Entrepreneur Lara Morgan, are more concerned about the health and wellbeing of employees and clients than ever before, not to mention the wider impact on home life and work life management. Lara does not believe entirely that it is realistic to strive for a balance that may never come.

    We know that many people have been furloughed, or at the very least asked to work reduced hours and many of these from home.  Our team appreciates this more than most and understand the difficulties for us all.  We may be totally alone with no contact all day, we may have children to home school, we may, in some cases, be stuck in the house with the spouse or partner, whilst still trying to run a home and do all that entails, with all the extra stresses on top.

    It is so important to manage these stresses and we believe that Scentered can help in teaching people how to use the power of our sense of smell as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions,  helping us live happier lives. Our six unique, award-winning aromatherapy blends provide purposeful solutions to the most commonly desired emotional states; SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESS, FOCUS, HAPPY, ESCAPE and LOVE.


    Aromatherapy and Wellbeing
    Wellbeing is all about how people may feel and how they then function, both on a personal and a social level.  Aromatherapy is a way of connecting your thoughts and feelings to scents and using those scents to control your emotional wellbeing. A treatment candle not only changes the atmosphere but has the potential to share a moment, a memory, to share benefits in wellness. This holistic healing treatment offers many psychological benefits and promotes positive feelings of relaxation, happiness and contentment. It can also help strengthen your mind and your control and responses to challenges and change. We truly believe that aromatherapy has the potential to help team members feel happier and more productive where ever they are working. Great for shift workers the Sleep Well Balm is just one example of a considered caring support tool.

    Employee Wellbeing Programs and Corporate Gifting
    Corporate social responsibility is no longer a box ticking exercise, and with our products and resources, we hope to bring a dose of inner calm and wellbeing to your business and staff.  Hundreds of companies have already  joined our endeavours in the fight to help those in need of a little support in the last year.  Recognizing the unique and varied pressures facing employees today, we can tailor our wellbeing programme to meet the specific needs of your company. This could be by gifting employees our products to support their mental wellbeing and productivity, or perhaps gift Scentered as a simple thank you, and show you really care for their mental health and wellbeing.

    Alongside our programs for employees, we also believe it is vital to support your clients, especially during this unique time. Show your clients you care about their wellbeing through our corporate gifting program and provide them with products which will be more valuable to them than ever.  Not only do we have balms to apply directly, we also supply candles in order to surround yourself in your chosen fragrance and immerse yourself in all the positive benefits that Scentered evokes. Gift sets can be customised and personalised – we have seen some exceptionally caring considered and thoughtful measures taken for just a few pounds invested to let individuals know they are NOT working alone at home.


    We invite you to experience all that Scentered has to offer.  We have an exclusive offer for PA Life members, whereby you can receive a half price Mindful Mini Tin – click here to redeem this offer.