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Public Speaker – Kumud Gandhi


Kumud Gandhi is the founder and CEO of The Cooking Academy, an award-winning International cookery school based in London & Hertfordshire. She is a published author, food scientist, writer, and broadcaster, contributing to radio and television as well as writing in The Times, Telegraph, Mental Health Magazine and other publications.

Prior to founding The Cooking Academy, Kumud had a successful career with The Bank of England as Head of Investment Banking & Global Markets. Her corporate background coupled with her in depth knowledge of food science has equipped her with an innate understanding of the nutritional issues that erode professional and business performance. Using cutting-edge science and high-impact presentations Kumud provides the knowledge and tools required to bring a tangible boost to personal and professional performance.


Speaking Events

As a keynote speaker Kumud has over 15 years of experience teaching the benefits of wellness, nutrition and healthy eating at leading academic institutions including Wolfson College Oxford, St Catherine College & Kings College Cambridge.  Denman College, RHS, The Physic Garden, The Institute of Directors and to a wide number of corporate clients.

In these sessions she takes a non-jargon, analytical evaluation of the relationship between everyday food ingredients and its effects on the human mind and body.  The presentations are highly engaging and thought-provoking which include audience interaction to start understanding the process of why we eat what we eat, how food has evolved and importantly, the factors that have influenced our eating habits through the millennia.

The session incorporates a range of herbs and spices to illustrate everyday ingredients that may be in our culinary repertoire but are misunderstood.  Kumud challenges common misconceptions about herbs and spices and their uses in modern medicine and cuisine.


Wellness in the Workplace

Kumud brings a very real and first- hand understanding of the impact of food and eating habits to both personal and professional wellbeing and illustrates how to make food work for employee productivity and personal wellbeing.

Kumud delivers several compelling and powerful presentations including ‘Wellness in the Workplace’, ‘Eating for Immunity’ and ‘The Science of Food’ presentations that are targeted to enable individuals and organisations achieve return on investment through their ability to bring: –

  • Enhanced personal energy and vitality
  • Improved effectiveness and productivity
  • Improvements in work-life balance and sustainability
  • Reductions in attrition of key talent
  • Improved resilience and reduced risk of burnout
  • Reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism
  • Enhanced reputation for the organization as a preferred employer
  • Increased competitive edge and profitability

Through her presentations Kumud demonstrates how vital nutritional eating and well-being are to peak performance, whether it may be physical, mental, or emotional. The link between health and success is increasingly recognised as a key factor in workplace productivity.  Kumud highlights key areas in which employers can serve the needs of their professional family in the workplace. Food and drink choices available to staff will have a dramatic impact on their engagement with colleagues, affecting their mood and concentration throughout their working day. Investing in the nutritional needs of employees will have a double win for individuals and the organisation through their productivity.


Our Clients

Kumud currently works alongside several high-profile clients including Facebook, LinkedIn, Black Rock, Sage, Oracle and Barclays to deliver positive solutions through highly engaging and interactive presentations and workshops.
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