• Exeter PA Network event

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    Date: 22 June, 5pm-8pm
    Venue: Deer Park Country House Hotel, nr Honiton

    Mental Toughness (Resilience)

    As the world of work changes, with an ever fastening pace and mounting pressures, Phil Sampson of Sampson Hall will be joining us for the evening to help us look at how resilient we are, and what we can do to increase our mental toughness.

    Registration will be open from 5pm, and the event will close around 8pm. As usual, there will be an opportunity to continue the networking over dinner after the event.

    We will be joined by guests from the Guernsey PA Network (Guernsey PA Connect) who want to see how we do it over here!

    More details to follow soon.

    Find out more at exeterpanetwork.com


    Molly Dyson

    Editor – PA Life

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