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For PAs in a pinch – your personal concierge service has arrived

Dealing with demanding hi-flyers? Henchman can help you tackle time sensitive requests. Henchman is a personal concierge and delivery service that can bring you anything you need within an hour. Perfect for dealing with the onslaught of requests from demanding colleagues and bosses without having to leave the office.

So far, the app features more than 100 curated menus from some of the finest restaurants across the city, so from breakfast, lunch and on to dinner, you’re in good hands. It doesn’t stop there – if there’s anything else you need from flowers to drinks or cards, you can just hit the get me anything button and tell them exactly what you need; they take care of the rest. If you need to amend or add anything to your order, the client services team is there to contact every step of the way.

The company is releasing new features and partnerships just about every week, so there is still plenty more to come from them. Gifting, drinks deliveries and a host of other features are all in the pipeline to make the process faster – but for now, just request what you need and you’ll have it as fast as your Henchman can get it for you.

Henchman will be at this year’s PA Life Training Day on 12 November. The company is offering rewards and partnerships for anyone who wants to help shape their service to be optimum value to PAs.

If you’re on an iPhone, head to the app store and download the app, or head straight to the website at and submit an order there.