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EA sells stolen electronics for £460,000

Federal authorities in the US have arrested an EA in Costa Mesa, California accused of stealing more than $732,000 (about £466,000) worth of Apple products from an electronics store over a period of two years.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Cecilia L Litonjua-Moore, who worked at LA Computer Co in Anaheim for 10 years, allegedly began the scheme in 2011 to pay for personal expenses and a gambling habit, according to the FBI and the US attorney’s office in LA.

Litonjua-Moore, who works as an executive assistant, took the products from the company’s website and sold them on eBay for up to 40% off the wholesale price. She accepted payment from buyers via PayPal and wire transfers before shipping the items.

The EA’s position at the company gave her access to the store’s sales, inventory and invoice systems, allowing her to cover her tracks following each theft, according to the court indictment. The owner discovered the crime in December 2013.

Litonjua-Moore faces three counts of wire fraud and could face up to 60 years in federal prison if she is convicted.

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