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    Here are 50 feel good triggers to help brighten your day

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    Finding a parking space in a packed car par, leaping onto a train a split second before the doors close and leaving work early have emerged among a list of the top 50 feel good triggers.

    Researchers who carried out a detailed study also found knowing a new episode of your favourite show is online and cruising through green traffic lights on the drive to the office are likely to make our day.

    Lugging a basket of shopping to the till and finding no queue, bumping into a friend out of the blue and giving money to charity also made the list.

    And despite the benefits of modern technology, nothing beats the good old days as we all still get a thrill from receiving a letter or card in the post.

    The study of 2,000 adults was commissioned to launch BPme’s new rewards loyalty programme.

    Samantha Clarke, happiness consultant, ‘changemaker’ and spokesperson for BPme, said: “BP’s Feel Good Index shows that it is the little things that go a long way to boosting our wellbeing and mindset.

    “In a world where we are becoming increasingly isolated with technology, the Feel Good Index shows that small moments and human interaction help to boost our happiness and can make everyday a little better.

    “Happiness isn’t derived from ‘things’ and money, but through those light touches of connection such as giving or receiving compliments, smiling or holding the door open for someone.

    “There’s always a ripple effect to making every day brighter, so a small win for staff or a customer can then ripple out to those around you.”

    Some of life’s more simple pleasures also featured on the list, such as indulging in a chocolate bar, the sound of birds chirping and turning up the volume to a song which takes you back.

    The ‘Feel Good Index’ also includes having a cup of tea made for you and showing off a new outfit.

    The research, conducted by OnePoll, found the sun poking its head out of the clouds, enjoying a delicious treat and patting a pooch are often the cause of these spells of sudden joy.

    The research also found nearly a third said Friday is the best day of the working week, so it comes as no surprise a glass of wine or beer after a long day also featured on the list.

    As a result, one fifth of Brits hit ‘peak’ happiness on Friday, with nearly half (46 per cent) experiencing that ‘Friday feeling’.

    And regardless of what day of the week it is, the research also found Brits’ mood is at its peak between 6pm and 9pm every day.

    But these peaks and troughs come to us frequently, and by 11am on a weekend Brits reach the same ‘level’ of happiness as they do at 6pm on a weekday.

    It also emerged during a typical weekday adults up and down the country hit a ‘dip’ in mood at 6am, as the morning alarm chimes to signal another day.

    These early starts leave a nation of sleepy heads, as half of Brits admitted they are often too tired to be in their best mood.

    More than one third put their happiness slump down to having ‘too much on their mind’.

    And a further 23 per cent said hunger gets them down, while 27 per cent said being strapped for cash can cause them to feel low.

    It also emerged Brits are trying to spread the happiness, as a third will make someone else a cup of tea, surprise them with a hug or compliment them, all in a bid to pick up their mood.

    Gemma Clarke of BP Retail said:“We acknowledge that refuelling your car, or picking up some groceries may not make it into the top ten, but there are many things that we can do to brighten up the experience that customers have when they visit us.

    “At BP, we always look to see how we can brighten up those everyday tasks, which is why we wanted to better understand the triggers that influence our mood.”

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    The Top 50 Feel Good Factors

    1. A good night’s sleep
    2. When the sun comes out
    3. A walk
    4. Receiving a compliment
    5. Finding money in your pocket or wallet you forgot about
    6. Receiving a hug
    7. Having good weather on the weekend
    8. Birds singing outside
    9. Seeing flowers in bloom
    10. Enjoying a delicious treat
    11. Hearing the words ‘I love you’
    12. Hearing a nostalgic song
    13. Eating a home cooked meal
    14. A lie in
    15. Eating a chocolate bar
    16. A smile from a stranger
    17. Stroking a dog
    18. The smell of freshly cut grass
    19. An early finish from work
    20. Bumping into a friend unexpectedly
    21. Taking a bath
    22. Seeing a rainbow
    23. New episodes being released of your favourite TV show
    24. Hearing children or babies laughing
    25. A glass of wine or beer after a long day
    26. No queue at the supermarket
    27. Someone making you a cup of tea
    28. Getting a voucher or discount from a favourite brand
    29. Receiving a letter or card in the post
    30. Wearing a new outfit
    31. A free coffee
    32. Having no delays to your journey
    33. Cooking a meal from scratch
    34. Someone holding the door open
    35. Getting a parking space in a busy car park
    36. The smell of a favourite perfume or cologne
    37. Having a good hair or make-up day
    38. Giving money to charity
    39. Pay day coming early
    40. Waking up without an alarm clock
    41. Changing into dry clothes after you’ve been caught in the rain
    42. Older people holding hands
    43. Saying hello to a stranger
    44. Taking a daytime nap
    45. Just managing to catch a bus or train
    46. Catching all the green lights on the way to work
    47. Hitting a new Personal Best
    48. Getting a seat on the train or bus during rush hour
    49. People liking or commenting on your social media post
    50. Cake or biscuits in the office

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