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    Opinion: Why service is key

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    Going the extra mile to ensure service is faultless can make all the difference, says Declan Halton-Woodward, EA to CEO at Handelsbanken Wealth/Heartwood. He reveals why any professional will reap the rewards from providing excellent customer service.

    I have always said, no matter what it is you do, whether you sell or if it’s a service you provide, there is always someone who sells or provides the same. There are very few truly unique offerings. So, what sets you apart from the rest? It’s the service.

    Service is everything. When choosing a venue, a restaurant, an event, or even an assistant, it is the thing to pay the closest attention to. No matter how spectacular the venue or the food, if the service is poor it overshadows everything. Moreover, it can ruin the whole day. If something goes wrong (as it inevitably does) then good service provides a calm in the storm and no matter if your guests are VIPs, executives or clients, good service will overcome any wrongs.

    “Know that going the extra mile makes all the difference, and that’s what makes a truly great professional” – Declan Halton-Woodward

    Being made to feel special is what people remember the most. Maya Angelou said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So, we should look out for this when scouting a venue or restaurant; think about how they made you feel when you entered, how much attention they paid to you and the overall experience. I like to have a coffee or hang around a venue for 30 minutes before or after my meeting to see what level of service customers are getting and how the atmosphere feels. This gives you an insight into how guests will be treated. Look out for smiles, ‘good mornings’ and helpful staff. 

    One trick I use before booking a venue is searching for its hashtag on Instagram. Not only will you be able to see the clientele who attends, but you can get insights into how the venue looks when set up or full, see how the food/drinks appear and get insight into whether customers enjoyed their experience. 

    Applying this concept to our working life is just as important. If we think of everyone we come into contact with as our customers and provide high levels of customer service, both us and our execs will reap the rewards. Ask yourself before any email or document gets sent whether you’d be happy with a client receiving this level of service. Know that going the extra mile makes all the difference, and that’s what makes a truly great professional.

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