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The “most-stressful” & “least stressful” jobs for 2016

Most of us would say we’d love our job more if you could just eliminate the stress. Well, you’re not alone according to who has unveiled the top 10 lists for both “most-stressful” and “least stressful” jobs for 2016.

While most jobs have some degree of stress due to factors like deadlines, working in the public eye, or physical demands, the requirements for the most stressful jobs fall into that category because of the constant and never-ending requirements not only on a day-to-day basis but more on an hour-to-hour basis.

Following is the list for the most stressful jobs for 2016 as researched by

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

2. Firefighter

3. Airline Pilot

4. Police Officer

5. Event Coordinator

6. Public Relations Director

7. Senior Corporate Executive

8. Broadcaster

9. Newspaper Reporter

10. Taxi Driver

While those jobs may lay claim to being the most stressful, they are also some of the most rewarding according to the findings.

For those seeking less stress jobs, factors that help determine that status are things like favourable working atmospheres, one-on-one interactions and areas that are conducive to work that is slightly more low-key in the approach, like that of an office professional or someone in a lab setting.

If you are seeking work at that level you might consider these least-stressed jobs:

1. Information Security Analyst

2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

3. University Professor

4. Hair Stylist

5. Medical Records Technician

6. Medical Laboratory Technician

7. Jeweler

8. Audiologist

9. Dietitian

10. Librarian

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