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    Back to Business: Shared office spaces tentatively reopen

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    Serviced office managers across the country have been working flat out to reopen their offices during June, installing facilities to protect clients and help them get back to business. Across the network of 5,000 shared office spaces in the UK, the task of being able to reopen safely has been a huge one – requiring […]

    The steps employers can take to ensure employees are prepared for re-opening

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    Around the globe countries are steadily relaxing the most stringent lockdown measures. But for employers there are a myriad of concerns. Preparing for the return to work can be a daunting task, as no person or organisation has ever navigated a situation like this one before. The primary goal is a return to operations that […]

    Managing teams as we phase back to office life

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    By Roddy Adair, Director of Hays Personal & Executive Assistants Managing a team which is working remotely has been a new challenge for many managers, and one which cropped up practically overnight when the UK went into lockdown earlier in March. The changes in our world of work aren’t slowing down anytime soon and business […]

    British Safety Council launches new post-lock down support for employers

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    The British Safety Council has responded to the Government’s latest guidance on measures to limit the spread of coronavirus following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Sunday evening. The 60-page document sets out the UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy. The document includes setting out a new ‘more differentiated approach to risk’ and advises […]

    Five things companies need to consider before employees return to the workplace

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    by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula Earlier this week, the UK Government released a roadmap for easing lockdown provisions in England, including instructing workers to go back to work if they cannot feasibly work from home and their workplace is open. It’s important to note, that this does not mean that everything […]

    How to motivate yourself to get back to work in January

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    Going back to work in January is for most people, the least motivated you’ll feel all year, due to the early sunsets and dragging ourselves out of bed after enjoying a week of lie-ins. Vincenzo Ferrara shares some helpful hints below to give you the best advice that should help you feel more awake and motivated […]

    How long does it take you to get ‘back into the saddle’ after the festive break

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    Re-adjusting to early mornings, a mountain of work that piled up over the festive break and dealing with challenging clients are all things that take their toll in early January. The majority of us won’t start functioning properly until almost a full working week has passed, a new study has discovered. The research of 2,000 […]

    Is age discrimination a problem in the workplace?

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    With most of us now having to work much later in life, offices are filled with a greater range of employee ages. But, do the experienced get discriminated against by those younger in age? Significant numbers of older employees feel they are being discriminated against at work because of their age, including believing they have […]

    Brits find 50 ways to slack off work

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    As we return to work after a glorious two-week break to enjoy the festive period, Brits are finding more and more ways to slack off work. Tactical toilet breaks, booking meeting rooms for a quick gossip and even taking compassionate leave for the death of a non-existent loved one has cropped up on the list […]