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    Research reveals the importance of training at work

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    Research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Halogen in its latest Employee Outlook report found that more than a quarter (27%) of employees are “dissatisfied with the opportunity to develop their skills in their job”. This tallies up with figures from Love Energy Savings who, after surveying more than 1,400 people, […]

    Research reveals training needs industry professionals

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    Industry professionals are prized trainers, according to new research from Logic4training; 72.2% of respondents agreed this is how they’d prefer to learn. The new survey provides an overview of people’s thoughts on retraining after education, focusing on how and when people want to train, regardless of the sector or qualification. Delivering a snapshot of the […]

    The 50 most common interview questions

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    It’s likely you’ve been through an interview at some point in your life – maybe even several. To say you know the usual questions is an understatement. But job listing site Glassdoor sifted through thousands of user reviews to come up with a list of the 50 most common interview questions. So brush up on […]

    Learn to understand yourself and others at the PA Life Training Day

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    Many of the situations that cause us stress as humans arise from a lack of understanding and self-awareness. Will Murray, Founder of Packtypes, aims to teach people of all ages how to improve their relationships with others through a culture of understanding. And Will is bringing his expertise to the next PA Life Training Day. […]

    The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant now available in-house

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    The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPAtm) is fast becoming the de-facto must-have international certification for ambitious Executive Assistants. Running globally, ACEPAtm has traditionally been run as a public course with delegates attending from many different organisations and countries. Recently however there has been growing interest from organisations to deliver ACEPAtm in an […]

    6 ways to improve your work-life balance without taking a pay cut

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    Work-life balance was the top reason people decided to look for a new job last year, with many saying they’d take a pay cut for more flexible arrangements. But Career Coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine says it’s not always necessary to prioritise your personal life over money and vice versa. She says there are six clear steps […]

    10 incredible guest speakers free at office* 2016

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    Combining a world-class training programme, 10 inspirational guest speakers and more than 125 carefully selected exhibitors, there are many reasons to come to office* on 11-12 May at ExCeL London. Learn about time management, people skills, career coaching and much more, with 36 CPD-accredited seminars hosted by top international trainers. Or research ideas for your […]

    How to find meaning in your work

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    There are some days when work is a real drag; you might start to question why you do what you do. When you’re struck by these moments of woe, think about the following words by Paolo Gallo, Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum to help you find meaning in your work. Gallo […]

    Five reasons to leave a horrible boss

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    Last week we gave you some tips for staying resilient with a bad boss. But sometimes a manager is so inept or rude that it becomes necessary to look for other work. Executive Coach Monique Caissie recently wrote a blog post for the Canadian Huffington Post explaining five good reasons to leave a horrible boss. […]

    Six steps to career success

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    Behind every successful business leader is a personal or executive assistant who is constantly striving to help them run their business as effectively as possible. In the five years since Aimee Bateman set up Careercake.com, she has spoken to countless office managers, secretaries and assistants across a wide range of industries, helping them to boost […]