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    NHS test determines your workplace stress

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    Workplace stress is so commonplace these days that it seems everyone and their uncle complains at some point in their career. But are we actually stressed or do we just need to lower our expectations? A new online test from NHS Choices can help you determine how much workplace stress you’re actually under. The simple […]

    AXA PPP’s employee sleep tips

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    Research from Rand Europe reveals that sleep deprivation costs the UK £40 billion a year, which equates to 200,000 working days. Here, AXA PPP healthcare provides some top tips for employees to ensure they’re getting a good night’s kip. Have you noticed that when you feel good about yourself, you work better? When you’re mentally […]

    Research reveals what we really mean when we say ‘I’m fine’

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    A survey into the emotions of the nation has revealed that Brits are apparently feeling ‘fine’. A study of 2000 people has found that the average adult will say ‘I’m fine’ 14 times a week, though really just 19% mean it. Almost a third of those surveyed said they often lie about how they are […]

    5 ways to avoid burnout in the lead up to Christmas

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    November and December can be stressful; there’s the end-of-year processes, people out sick with cold and flu, and less reliable colleagues feel it’s the right time to unwind before Christmas. It’s easy to become overwhelmed as a busy PA trying to keep things running smoothly. Here are a few top tips to help you avoid […]

    Survey shows the best time to pull a sickie

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    There are days when you’re genuinely ill and simply can’t go into the office. Then there those days when you just can’t face a day at work and need to pull a sickie. Well, a new study by market research company Attest shows the best time to call in sick is Tuesday at 6.38am. The […]

    Stress time bomb affects 1 in 4 UK workers

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    A new report has revealed that one in four employees have taken time off work in the last year due to stress-related problems, a figure that has been described as an employee stress ‘time bomb’. The report, titled “Breaking the Cycle”, which has been published by health and wellbeing provider BHSF, warns that stress-related issues […]

    Quarter of workers have complained of stress at work but received no support

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    Figures released in the fourth annual Employee Insight Report from Capita reveal that one in four workers (26%) say they have complained to their employers about stress levels but have received no support. With new statistics released on National Stress Awareness Day, the report shows stress is prevalent among the vast majority of UK workers, […]

    127 million hours of sick leave taken last year due to mental health problems

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    Recent research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found that mental health problems including stress, depression and anxiety are the leading cause of workplace absence in the UK, after minor illnesses. The report also showed that the number of days taken off work with mental health problems has increased 25% year on year […]

    World Mental Health Day: Time for employers to make positive mental health a top priority, experts say

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    On World Mental Health Day, the employee benefits specialist Secondsight and mental health charity Minding Your Business are calling on employers across the UK to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues by educating their staff and encouraging discussion – making mental health a top priority. The organisations’ approach ties in with this year’s […]

    World Mental Health Day: Poor sleep affects employee productivity

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    To coincide with World Mental Health Day, digital medicine company Big Health has released research that details the impact poor sleep has on mental wellbeing and recovery. The results show insomnia affects approximately 69% of adults with depression. Poor sleep also increases the risks of developing anxiety and depression and acts as a barrier to successful treatment. British respondents to […]