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    10 ways to spot a star in your workplace

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    Being able to neutralise a toxic person sounds like a superhero power from a Marvel movie, but in actual fact it’s one of the ways you can spot a star performer in the workplace. That’s according to research from LondonOffices.com that looked at the typical traits and characteristics of career climbers so that business leaders know […]

    65% of workers say appreciation is a key trait for UK bosses

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    A simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done can go a long way for UK workers, according to research marking the launch of the One4all Spotlight Awards. In fact, 83% of UK workers said being regularly thanked by an employer increases the sense of loyalty they feel to their company. Meanwhile, 65% stated that being grateful […]

    Bad breath responsible for A LOT of office unhappiness

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    Millions of workers admit they dread talking to a colleague – because of their bad breath, a study has found. Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found 63 per cent have had to turn away from someone mid-conversation because they couldn’t stand the smell of their breath. And almost one in five ‘can’t bear’ to talk […]

    ‘Snooping’, ‘unfair sex practices’ & ‘dull stories’ – What men hate about women in the office

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    A list of the top 20 things men hate about women in the office has been sweeping across social media. But before you furiously hit the hashtag key, it’s an extract from a book published over 70 years ago. Incredibly, there was a whole book dedicated to What Men Don’t Like About Women, written in […]

    Want more productive staff? Keep them out of the office

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    Working from home makes staff more productive – while noisy colleagues are the biggest hindrance, according to a new report published for World Productivity Day today (June 20th). The research has been carried out by audio and comms tech specialist Jabra which surveyed business professionals in the UK, US, Germany in France. Topline results show: […]

    What your workspace says about you – seven signs that reveal your true personality

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    An awful lot can be revealed about a person’s personality by taking a look at their workspace, according to new research from commercial property specialist LondonOffices.com. Chris Meredith, CEO of LondonOffices.com, said: “Getting to know your co-workers has never been easier – just look out for the giveaway signs listed below and you’ll get an overall idea […]