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    How Pokémon Go could be affecting employees

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    Pokémon Go is inspiring the unlikeliest of players to take to the streets and walk for miles in pursuit of rare, virtual reality characters. And it’s not simply a game for the young – 40% of adults who have downloaded it are aged 25 or older. But this new obsession could seriously harm the focus, […]

    4 ways to stay productive with wearable technology

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    Wearable technology is a hot topic this year, with seemingly every company under the sun releasing new “must-have” devices. But these pieces of kit offer more than just a way to make your friends envious. Wearable tech news site Wareable found out four ways tools such as smartwatches can help you be more productive. Communication […]

    How to maintain productivity when your schedule is full of meetings

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    Research shows that the average UK office worker spends two years of his or her life preparing for and sitting in on meetings. How can anyone get any actual work done? Time management expert Laura Vanderkam recently wrote for Fast Company with top tips to you maintain productivity when you’re stuck in meetings. Plan ahead […]

    New figures confirm stagnant labour productivity levels

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    Today, the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) Labour Productivity report has revealed that labour productivity, as measured by output per hour, grew by a mere 0.5%. However, the figures are 17% below an extrapolation based on its pre-downturn trend. Therefore, labour productivity per employee has failed to markedly rise since the global downturn. Tim […]

    7 ways to improve your focus

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    It’s hard to stay focussed when you have so much to do on any given day. If there’s a particularly important project that needs your full attention, follow these top tips from Sam Edwards at Inc.com to improve your focus. 1 Change your environment If you work in a noisy office or find it hard […]

    Social media at work: business or pleasure?

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    Social media has wormed its way into the business world, blurring the lines between professional and personal. But a recent survey by the Pew Research Centre in the US reveals employees are using social media at work for more than just a mental break. Regardless of company policy ­– 51% say their employer has a […]

    8 ways to do more work in less time

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    Sometimes it’s true that there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks we need to do, especially if you’re trying to achieve a better work-life balance. Writing for The Guardian, Oxford University Saïd Business School’s Mark McCartney outlined eight ways you can do more work in the shortest time. 1 Lock […]

    The seriousness of fun in business

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    Ideas are being blocked and strategies are not being properly implemented because of the increase in stress and consequent decrease of enjoyment in the workplace, according to Cognitive Psychologist and Business Neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw. Did you know that the average preschooler laughs or smiles 400 times a day, but this number drops to only […]

    5 ways to work less and produce more

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    Sometimes the key to productivity isn’t necessarily working longer hours; it’s about working smarter. Business growth expert Meridith Elliott-Powell says there are five simple things you can do to work less and produce more. 1 Understand how your company makes money By making money, Meridith doesn’t just mean following budgets. You should understand how your […]

    5 ways to wake your brain before a meeting

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    How do you stop your energy levels from slumping during a meeting? Well, there’s plenty you can do in the build-up to wake up your brain and perform. Richard Bartfield, Conference & Events Sales Manager at Holiday Inn London – Stratford City, gives us some easy tips to help you stay focused throughout not just […]