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    Companies ‘need to recruit to help beat stress’

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    Nearly half of all employees say recruitment freezes have left them feeling under-resourced and under-staffed at work, leading to increased stress, research by MetLife Employee Benefits shows. Its study found 46% of employees believe their organisation has not recruited enough since the economic downturn, with 40% saying workplace stress would be reduced if employers took […]

    How to deal with frustration at work

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    Most people will face situations that they wish their employer had handled differently. However, there are constructive ways to deal with frustration at work, according to Jan Bruce, Co-Founder and CEO of meQuilibrium. Writing for Motto, Jan outlined these three top tips. 1 Separate your thoughts and emotions Try to keep your emotions in check […]

    Home is where the stress is for 1 in 5

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    Around one in five employees find home life more stressful than their work life, highlighting the need for employers to take account of the impact of domestic issues on work performance, new research from MetLife Employee Benefits shows. MetLife’s study of the impact of rising stress levels on employees shows that 19% of employees are […]

    Decision makers doing admin outside work hours

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    Admin overload is leaving business decision makers feeling overwhelmed and stressed, reveals new research from the world’s largest fleet and vehicle management company, LeasePlan UK. 80% of business decision makers and 90% of c-suite executives say they have had to spend time outside working hours to catch up on their work administrative tasks, with more […]

    1 in 4 UK employees absent due to work-induced stress

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    Across the UK, workers are suffering from stress brought about by their jobs and this in turn is leading to increased sick days, according to the latest Britain at Work report from reputation management consultancy Lansons and insight agency Opinium. Employee wellbeing is of course important in its own right and employers know that it […]

    Mental illness could cost 50 million years of lost work

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    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a report that shows the stark reality of the cost of mental illness on businesses. The study estimates that 12 billion working days – equivalent to 50 million years – will be lost between now and 2030. The WHO has also found that failing to effectively treat mental […]

    Working longer hours increases the risk of heart disease

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    A decades-long study of nearly 2,000 office workers has revealed a correlation between the number of hours worked and heart health. The results show that working longer hours increases the risk of heart disease. The study by the University of Texas School of Public Health followed 1,926 men and women from 1986 to 2011, keeping […]

    Evaluate your ideals to deal with stress

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    The word “stress” seems to be synonymous with modern life, especially when it comes to work. But where does it come from and what can we do about it? Zen Habits’ Leo Babauta says we should evaluate our ideals to find the answers. Babauta says the root cause of stress is the mismatch of reality […]

    33% turn to comfort food to tackle work stress

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    Whilst achieving a good work life balance is a goal for many Brits, new research from marketing intelligence agency Mintel reveals that Britain’s workforce is turning to unhealthy comfort food and drink habits to combat workplace stress. Eating comfort food is the number one thing working Brits have done to tackle work stress in the past 12 months, with […]