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    Working from home

    Coronavirus: Working from home? There’s a podcast for that…

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    A quarter of Brits choose to listen to podcasts whilst working from home, with comedy the No.1 category. That’s according to research conducted by ABC Finance, which revealed not only a rising number of Brits listening to podcasts whilst working at home, but also what they are choosing to listen to.  Key Findings: 12% of […]

    Coronavirus: Dealing with an increased risk of stress and anxiety when working from home

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    Brett Hill, Distribution Director at Towergate Health & Protection With a government directive to work from home where possible in the wake of Coronavirus, many companies are asking their staff to do this for the first time. And while this has been a trend for some years, the practicality and reality of working from home […]

    Coronavirus: How to ensure productivity when working from home

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    By Denisse Diaz, Marketing Director for London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) and London Academy of Trading (LAT). With the current state of COVID-19 and the recent announcement from the UK government – advising businesses to adopt a work from home policy if possible – many companies in the UK followed suit, to ensure their workforce is […]

    The five things you need for the perfectly productive home office

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    Working from home is a standard for many people nowadays. As technology develops we can telecommute from home to save the journey into work, or to allow us more flexibility to work around appointments and childcare commitments. So whether you’ve set up shop at home permanently or you need a quiet haven to retreat to […]

    Working from home today? Here’s how to stay focused

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    In these soaring temperatures (and even as a general trend), employers are being encouraged to allow employees to work from home. Indeed working from home is more popular than ever, with 40% of people now taking the opportunity to do so at least once a week. With this in mind, Monster has created some tips on ‘how […]

    A day in the life of a VA

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    More assistants are looking at the advantages of ditching the office in favour of becoming a VA. Sarah Rugg, co-founder of My VA Business, worked alongside virtual assistant Sam Evans to document what the average day in the life of a VA was. Commute, work, sandwich, work, commute, dinner, bed – and repeat. It’s okay […]

    Flexible working could benefit UK business

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    Flexible working was seen as a luxury that could only be taken by those that needed to be in and out an office all day. However, with flexible working becoming more popular in the UK, could UK business actually benefit? Workers who are offered the option of flexible working are benefiting UK business, taking less […]

    Freelance work fad or future?

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    We are seeing more PAs become freelance due to being able to work from home and manage more than one boss at a time. Some decide to dabble with the freelance lifestyle for a short-term with the plan to go back to working in-house eventually. But more of those that have become freelance are choosing […]

    Could you soon be working remotely?

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    It’s no secret that more of us are choosing to work remotely instead of heading into the office, the rise of the Virtual Assistant is something that has really become its own brand of assistant in the last ten years. The growing trend is becoming more popular within all industries and that may not be […]

    Flexible part-time workers outperform those working full-time

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    The percentage of top performance ratings for part-time and reduced-hours workers is higher than across all staff, at 34% versus 14%, according to Working Families. The charity has released a new report in HR Magazine assessing the flexible, agile, and family-friendly working policies of its employer members. The 2018 Top Employers for Working Families Benchmark […]