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Monday, March 23, 2015

How to go from good to great

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Great executive assistants need a certain set of skills to help their bosses get ahead while advancing their own careers. Among the essentials are technology and social media knowledge, as well as being aware of what’s going on around the office and in the wider business world. This is the advice of the founder of […]

Top tips for effective EAs

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Top PAs and EAs are responsible for enabling their bosses to work effectively, but what skills do they need in gain in order to be as efficient as they can be? Here are some helpful hints for those looking to give their career a boost Choose who you work for carefullyPerhaps not the most useful […]

Tried & tasted: City Social

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London restaurants are going up in the world – quite literally, writes Colette Doyle. Long-time stalwarts such as the Paramount at Centre Point have been joined by newcomers including Sushisamba at Heron Tower and Aqua at the Shard. And now there’s City Social, located on the 24th floor of Tower 42, close to the City’s […]

Tried & tasted: Silk & Grain

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In the modern age of creative cocktails and innovative food, a restaurant offering delicious dishes and drinks that rival the fanciest bars is a rare find, writes Molly Dyson. Silk & Grain is one such place, while also providing a stylish, relaxed environment. The atmosphere here is ideal for both lunch meetings and post-work drinks. […]

Tried & tasted: Orso

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A lot of dining establishments these days rely on gimmicks – sharing plates, cocktails served in jam jars, or placing your order via a touchscreen table, writes Colette Doyle. Orso is one of those reassuringly old-fashioned places that doesn’t need to resort to any such trickery; the emphasis here is on genuinely good Italian food […]

Tried & tasted: Forge

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In a world where cooking food is an art form, restaurants need to impress on multiple fronts – having a great menu isn’t enough anymore and this is giving rise to trendy venues where the décor is as important as the dishes, writes Molly Dyson. Luckily for the City, places such as Forge are becoming […]