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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to be a ‘star employee’

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In many offices, there?s always that one team member who can deal with Herculean levels of stress and workload without ever breaking a sweat, a personification of ?resilience?. But new research suggests that managers deem resilience the least important trait in their employees. That?s according to a study by Conference Genie, a conference calling provider, […]

UK job prospects experiencing ‘boom’

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Listening to all the doom and gloom merchants ? or even watching the daily news ? it might appear as though the current economic climate is still wreaking havoc on employment prospects here in the UK. But dig deeper, as leadership development firm Morgan Redwood have done, and you will find a very different picture; […]

2016 travel price outlook helps businesses budget

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Travel from the UK in 2016 is forecast to cost 0.8% more according to a report compiled by the Global Business Travel Association and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. While this is a slowdown from this year?s forecast of 1%, it still means businesses will have to factor the figures into their travel budget for the year. […]