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Friday, August 21, 2015

Become your own tech support

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’Just turn it off and turn it on again’. That’s the extent of the majority of people’s computer troubleshooting knowledge. In fairness, it does work more often than you would think. And then there are the problems that require a lot more work, which is what the supremely talented computer repair workers across the country […]

Tips for supporting a high-profile executive

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Debbie Grimshaw is Executive Assistant to Phil Jones, Managing Director at technology company Brother UK. She is an active member of the Manchester PA Network and was runner up in 2014’s PA Contributor of the Year for National PA Day. Here, she gives her top tips for supporting a high-profile executive. “There hasn’t been a […]

Employers share hilarious CV blunders

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Writing an attention-grabbing CV can be difficult in today’s competitive job market. According to a new survey from, 70% of employers spend less than five minutes checking a CV and nearly half (48%) spend less than two. The research also found that more than half of employers (56%) have caught a candidate lying on […]

Supporting a boss who’s never on the ball

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Handling the requests of a busy executive is hard enough on a good day, but sometimes a PA is unlucky enough to have to cover for a boss who is always late, can be forgetful and often isn’t available. Katie Donovan of Equal Pay Negotiations recently told Business Insider how to support a manager who’s […]

A third of employers in the dark about Pension Wise service

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A third of employers are in the dark about the service that Pension Wise can provide, according to the latest research from Close Brothers Asset Management. When asked about their experience of the Government’s free service so far, 32% admitted they were not clear about how it could help.   This lack of clarity is […]