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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

UK loses 1 billion working days to multitasking

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As the demands of technology and social media in the workplace multiply, multitasking is becoming a bigger part of UK employees’ jobs and could be costing companies one billion days in lost time, according to new research from global recruiter Randstad. A poll of 2,025 British adults found that:• Nine in 10 jobs involve multitasking• […]

Brits more likely to be late for work than a birthday party

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A study into staff tardiness by hotel booking site has found that Britons are more likely to turn up late for work than personal social events. The survey reveals that:• 10% of Brits have turned up late for a job interview• Men are more likely to be late for a business meeting than women• […]

Praise from the boss doesn’t always motivate us

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Receiving praise and recognition in the workplace motivates us for simple tasks but not for more complex projects, according to a new study co-authored by a University of Greenwich academic.
 “The rewards that most people experience in relation to their day to day work are not financial, but rather verbal or written recognition from their […]

Sweden introduces six-hour workday

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UK office workers are notorious for working long hours, despite numerous studies that have reported serious health side effects of working 50 hours or more. With its citizens’ health at risk, Sweden is one of the first countries to start implementing a six-hour workday. Businesses across the country have already moved to shorter days, with […]

Tips to help kick-start your day

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The way you start your morning can set you up for the whole day – and beyond. We know that when you feel good inside, you’re ready to make the most of the life on the outside. These days, with our busy work schedules, long hours at the office, frenetic modern lifestyle and unhealthy food […]

Companies perform better with women on the board

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Study of UK, US and India finds companies suffer large opportunity cost of having male-only executive teams.   Companies perform better when they have at least one female executive on the board, a study of companies in the UK, US and India shows.   Companies with male-only executive directors missed out on £430bn of investment […]