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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Work & life: Kate Woodhatch

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After starting out as a hairdresser, Kate Woodhatch took on a new challenge as a PA at Farnborough International. Here, she reveals what skills she has learnt to help shape her career What inspired you to start a career in the PA industry? Before I started my career, I was a hairdresser, which I absolutely […]

Mind your language

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Adam Fidler shares his thoughts on the dangers of using dated language when it comes to talking about modern assistant roles We’ve got to get better at being more selective and precise when using language and words to describe the role of the PA or EA. I still get rattled when I see articles about […]

How to detach from work to preserve your mental wellbeing

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Being able to mentally detach yourself from your job can be a difficult task as our roles take up the majority of our lives. Chloe Ward, TMS technician at Smart TMS, a mental health clinic specialising in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, reveals her tips for employees to consider Mentally distracting oneself from work during out of […]

THIS is the cheapest time to book a hotel room

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If, like 98 per cent of PA Life readers, you are responsible for booking hotel rooms, this data could help you save your company’s accommodation budget. According to Vouchercloud, four weeks in advance is the optimum time to book a room, saving you up to 15 per cent on the price. The data – which […]

Would YOU like to ignore your boss…?

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Workers in New York could be the latest to be granted the ‘right to disconnect’ if a bill is passed similar to the ruling in France last year. According to IB Times, the bill would place a $250 fine on employers who expect staff to answer calls and emails after hours. In addition, the bill […]