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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

App of the week: Google Assistant

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Why Google Assistant?  The Google ecosystem is growing faster than any other tech company. With a range of smart devices filling both the home and the office, it’s becoming harder and harder to go through a working day without relying on something from the tech company. Google Assistant is the latest app from the tech giant […]

Ride a Segway to success for your next corporate event

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We know the PA’s nightmare. The boss calls you into the office and says he wants the team to have a day out to say thanks for their efforts and pull colleagues closer together. Depending on the company you may have an age range from 18 to 60. Paintball, go-karts, rage buggies just won’t suit […]

PA Life Summit 2018 welcomes string of Silver Partners

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The ‘must-attend’ PA Life Summit is back for 2018, which will see a number of suppliers join in on the action to network with PAs, EAs and admin professionals. So far, a variety of Silver Partners will be supporting the upcoming event, which takes place at Altitude London on September 10. Current Silver Partners include: […]


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A lengthy career in the hotel industry sparked Mandy Jennings’ passion for driving high standards in hospitality. Today, Jennings is executive director of sales and marketing consortium Venues of Excellence, which awards membership to high-quality conference, meeting and training venues across the UK How did you come across your current role? After working my way […]

Your Finger Or Your Phone

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Does the idea of losing your smartphone make you feel uncomfortable, like losing a beloved family pet? Are you the type of person that would rather lose a finger than misplace your mobile? Well, you are not alone. According to a recent survey by Tappable, a London based mobile app developer, one in ten millennials […]