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Monday, September 3, 2018

There’s just one week to go until the 2018 PA Life Summit

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  With just one week until the PA Life Summit takes place at Altitude London, there’s still time for you to join us on the day. The PA Life Summit is a ‘must-attend’ event specifically designed for senior and board-level PAs who want to find solution providers and discover innovative opportunities to help respond to […]

What extracurricular activities give you the skills to advance in your career

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It’s funny, most people haven’t heard the term ‘extracurricular’ since being at school, yet most of us live lives that still incorporate a lot of the same activities we used to take part in to make a college or university application look good. Vincenzo Ferrara discovers why starting a new hobby could get you a […]

PA Life Club: Win a luxury pen with Capra NV

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The luxury pen maker is giving PA Life Club members a chance to win a beautiful red and gold pen. Capra NV combines motorsport technology with luxury pen craftsmanship, with pens that use a mix of high-quality materials and distinctive design to created elegant yet noticeable writing equipment. For your chance to win this one […]

Inequality starts at the interview

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Interviewers come under fire after survey reveals eight out of ten are guilty of asking off-limits questions. An alarming 85% of interviewers have admitted to asking off-limits questions during the interview process, new research has revealed. According to Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) there is a clear confusion among hiring managers over what can and cannot be asked, with nearly […]