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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Lockdown creates radical shift in UK’s mindset on environmental issues

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Almost two-thirds of workers (64%) have evaluated their environmental impact during the coronavirus pandemic, and the majority (53%) are seeking permanent changes to their working week once lockdown restrictions ease, according to a new survey. The new research from Hitachi Capital UK has established the enforced lockdown for many Brits has altered their outlook for the long […]

Coronavirus: ‘Millions of adults are reevaluating their careers’ – are you?

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A study of 1,000 UK adults found four in 10 admitted the coronavirus outbreak has been a ‘wake-up call’ – leaving them to ponder their employment prospects. With 28 per cent of those polled currently furloughed, a further 47 per cent of employed adults fear they could yet find themselves in the same boat. While […]


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For business leaders, decision-making during this time feels like a roll of the dice and the idea of workforce planning is seen as an impossible dream. But, could it be part of the answer for businesses to emerge healthier and more balanced into the future right now?  With this question in mind, Matthew Dickason, Global […]

How many of your ‘5 a day’ are you getting on Lockdown?

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Millions of Brits are consuming more fruit and vegetables while stuck at home than before the lockdown. Research polling 2,000 adults found a fifth are enjoying more of their five-a-day now than they did previously. However, 61 per cent would still like to broaden their horizons by trying more exotic fruit and veg options. And […]

Register for the next PA Life Virtual Meet Ups, with Fruitful Events & Not Just Travel!

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Registration is now open for our next PA Life Virtual Meet Ups, for which we’ve teamed with our friends at Fruitful Events and Not Just Travel to create two great sessions packed full of advice to help us all through lockdown. Both Virtual Meet Up takes place on Monday – Here’s what you need to […]