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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

WATCH AGAIN: Academic Venue Solutions PA Life Panel – What’s Next for Events?

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On Tuesday, September 22nd 2020 we teamed with Academic Venue Solutions to host an online panel session: What’s Next for Events? Chaired by PA Life’s Charlotte Russell, the panel of expert discussion participants included: Julie France – Space Meeting & Events Nicola Davison – Brewin Gail Tomlinson Short – Warwick Conferences Marie Heinsen – Sagittarius […]

WATCH AGAIN: Wellness Revival Festival – Calm & Resilience: Mastering Your Goals

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Over 150 senior PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers attended the virtual Wellness Revival Festival conference – And you can now re-watch recordings of the sessions online! The Wellness Revival Festival was brought to you by PA Life and EventWell, the events industry’s community focused and charitable social enterprise. This brilliant organisation is dedicated to […]

Two-thirds of businesses say skills training crucial to post-COVID recovery

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The UK workforce gained a potential 94.2 million training hours earlier this year as entire sectors came to a standstill. That’s according to research from Hays Thrive, which says that as the total number of hours worked plummeted across the country, there’s a strong link between businesses who took advantage of these training hours and those who […]

Female employees have more health and wellbeing concerns than their male colleagues

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GRiD, the industry body for the group risk sector, asked 1,165 UK employees about their health and wellbeing concerns, and found that female employees have more concerns than their male colleagues. The survey asked employees to consider six key areas of health and wellbeing and identify whether they were of personal concern to them. The […]