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Monday, July 5, 2021

Be kind and mean it when you say ‘thank you’, says study

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Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found they’ll typically express their gratitude 207 times a month – but 54 of those thank yous are uttered just for the sake of it. And perhaps as a result, a quarter believe the art of genuinely thanking someone else is ‘dying out’. However, an insincere thank you is still […]

PA Life with Academic Venues Solutions brings you the world of Academic Venues – Register today!

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This FREE virtual event gives PAs and Event Organisers an insight into the world of Academic Venues, brought to you by Academic Venue Solutions, and 5 of their members: Unique Venues Birmingham, Lancaster University, Northumbria University, Oxford Brookes and Roehampton Venues. The event will: Introduce PAs and Event Organisers to the world of Academic Venues […]

How To: Make sleep a top management priority

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Most of us accept that good quality and enough sleep is essential to human survival and is vital to our mental and physical health.  Sleep has a profound impact on our neurological performance and is essentially food for the brain. Given its importance, forward thinking businesses should make sleep a top management priority, according to […]

Yolking From Home: A fun summer virtual team activity

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For summer 2021 Steamed Egg have given their much loved virtual game show, Yolking From Home, a heated makeover. The conversational game show for remote teams has been enjoyed by over 7000 guests and 250 companies since it’s launch in 2020. In the summer version, guests will play from a choice of Six interactive online games. […]

Office defibrillators: Should my business have one?

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Danish football player Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during the Denmark vs Finland game at this year’s Euros tournament. Part of the lifesaving emergency action that saved the footballers’ life included the use of a defibrillator.  Following this awful incident, business essentials service provider Direct365 has seen enquires for defibrillators triple as business owners […]