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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Back in the office and struggling to concentrate? 6 ways to boost your productivity levels

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Now that workers are back in the office, some people may be finding it difficult to concentrate in this environment after working from home for so long – but how can you fix this? Below, experts at Office Furniture Online give their top tips on how you can improve your productivity levels in the office. Temperature As […]

Lack of menopause support is failing women in the workplace

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Millions of women are at risk of disciplinary action and failed promotions due to a lack of understanding and support around the menopause from their employer. According to new research from not-for-profit healthcare provider, Benenden Health, only a fifth of employees (19%) are aware of any kind of awareness or available support at work for when they suffer […]

Mums are being refused workplace flexibility – new report

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Half of working mums don’t get the flexibility they request at work, according to a new survey published by the TUC and campaigner Mother Pukka. Almost 13,000 mums across the public and private sector responded to the survey about flexible working. One in two (50%) told the TUC that their current employer had rejected or only accepted part of their flexible working request. Current flexible […]

Managers may fail to see invisible stresses of home workers, says report

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Managers in the increasingly digital, knowledge-fuelled and hybrid working environment may not be able to see the “invisible” strains on workers juggling home life and their workloads. That’s according to a report by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), which says employers need to be more aware of factors that could impact mental workload and do more […]

How can you report bullying if the bully is your boss?

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It is not uncommon for someone to be bullied within an organisation for several years before it is tackled because the issues around bullying are increasingly complex, according to internationally renowned mediator and conflict specialist, Jane Gunn, especially if the bully is your boss or someone in HR. As anti-bullying week (15th November – 19th […]