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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Downtime over Christmas? PA Life Courses are here for you!

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PA Life Courses has everything you need to get ahead for 2022, with 100+ modules that cover all areas of Administration, Business, Technology, HR, Health & Safety, Personal Development and Teams & Management. Signing up to a VIP membership with the PA Life Club will reduce the cost of the course bundle to just £99! Courses include […]

Working from home will cost homeowners £144 a month

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Research conducted by finance guidance and comparison website Forbes Advisor has found that customers on a standard variable rate tariff (SVT) are set to experience a 25% (£29) increase in their monthly energy costs, compared to the same time one year ago. This would take the monthly bill up to £144 for the winter months, […]

Would your employer support a homeless employee?

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A staggering four out of 10 employers (42%) from across the UK have admitted they would likely seek to terminate an employees’ contract if they were homeless, despite nearly one in four households in England being at risk of or experiencing homelessness an eye-opening new report by Crisis. The report draws on a survey of 250 UK employers, new analysis of UK government homelessness data and in-depth interviews with people from across Great Britain who have experienced being in-work and homeless in the last two years. It exposes the tremendous […]

New recruit negligence – ineffective onboarding risks losing employees

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UK companies risk losing new-hire employees during their crucial first months, according to a new study. 63% of employees who started new jobs within the last year felt that the onboarding process they received was ‘insufficient’, with companies failing to adapt the process to hybrid and remote working. Employees in the first year of their […]