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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Insults, ‘Sexts’ and Confidential Info – How We Miscommunicate in the Office

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Inefficient communication is a problem many businesses deal with sometimes. The consequences of certain communication mishaps aren’t just damaging to an employee’s career or a businesses’ reputation, but they can be downright embarrassing for everyone involved. To highlight the outcomes of miscommunication in the office, international telecommunications provider TollFree Forwarding has sourced several real-life stories of people […]

WHITE PAPER: Designing inclusive workplaces for diverse workforces

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Accessible design specialist Motionspot has consolidated its experience creating enabling environments for the likes of Barclays and Derwent London into a white paper to help employers make workplaces as inclusive as possible now that working from home measures have been lifted. Motionspot believes that designing more inclusive buildings and spaces reduces exclusion and fosters equity […]

Employers urged to focus on flexible working to avert staff shortages

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39% of HR leaders believe labour shortages are here to stay for up to two to three years. In addition, 59% of workers say that the pandemic has made them more likely to quit their jobs. “We’re entering a period of existential reckoning when it comes to the balance between work and our lives. The […]

New poll reveals the UK’s favourite jobs…

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While many people may be busy considering their career options, and even looking to change employers this year, new research reveals that the majority of Brits do actually enjoy their jobs. According to data from HR software provider CIPHR, around two-thirds (65%) of the 1,031 employees polled said they either love or like their current […]