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Monday, April 4, 2022

Privacy and security concern workers as they return to the office

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The attitudes of UK workers returning to the office working have changed since before the pandemic. Office design now needs to take into account the needs and desires of individuals to have more privacy at the office reports eFax. Their latest research conducted by eFax who offer cloud-based fax solutions for businesses found that 42 […]

De Vere appoints new Director of Sales for Latimer and Horsley Estates

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De Vere has announced the appointment of Nitesh Lama as its Director of Sales for De Vere Latimer Estate in Buckinghamshire and De Vere Horsley Estate in Surrey. Nitesh joins the group with over 14 years’ experience working in sales, with over 12 years spent working in the hospitality industry where he has implemented successful […]

How to support Muslim colleagues during Ramadan

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Ramadan has now begun and will thousands of Muslims across the UK fast during the daytime. If you have Muslim colleagues, the TUC has created some excellent guidance on how to support them during this important time for them… Taking a few practical steps to support Muslim workers during Ramadan will help to create a […]