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Monday, April 25, 2022

Salary is no Longer Enough as Employee Experience gains in value

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Resignations are now at the highest they have been in over a decade and business leaders are having to find ways to retain their workers. So what do employees want? A competitive salary is not enough . Employee experience is given great value by workers who are increasingly able to call the shots for their […]

National Theatre is now part of Lime Venue portfolio

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The National Theatre has become the latest venue to join Lime Venues Portfolio who are also fast becoming the leader in offering sustainable venues. Other high-profile venue also on the Lime Venues books are Watford FC, Nottingham Forest FC, and the Imperial War Museum London to name but a few. The group has now over […]

The UK is one of the top 10 countries to work in

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We are amongst the best ten countries to work in here in the UK. The recent survey makes fascinating reading, with insights into the working environments in the best countries to work in around the world; comparing pay, parental leave, holiday entitlement as well as cultural habits. Whether you work with colleagues or customers abroad, […]