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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

How as a PA, can you mitigate against strikes?

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Ruthie Coverdale, venue and special events manager at Royal Horticultural Halls writes about how PAs and EAs can successfully mitigate against train strikes and other unexpected eventualities. With the events and hospitality industries still feeling raw after the last two years and with another set of strikes on the way, venues, suppliers and organisers clearly […]

The most popular TED Talks on leadership

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Amy Cuddy’s 2012 talk – ‘Your body language may shape who you are’ – is the most popular TED Talk on leadership. The topic of leadership never fails to pique users’ interest on social media. Currently, #leadership has 1.7B views on TikTok, with short clips of Ted Talks focusing on this topic regularly being shared […]

How to make the most of large scale employee awards

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Daniela Corizza, PA to the MD at Blue Diamond, one of the UK’s largest garden centre retail groups, reflects on the challenges and successes of organising an awards event for 650 employees. Every March, Blue Diamond hosts an event to celebrate the achievements of the business and its workforce. “It’s an opportunity for us to […]