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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Sustainability jargon buster: An easy guide for PAs

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Trying to assess whether a company you are working with is sustainable can sometimes feel like navigating through a maze with its own set of cryptic terms and sustainability jargon. Hey, we get it! So, let’s break down these terms together that you often see on your supplier’s company policies and impact reports. Here’s some […]

PA Life Star Awards 2023 winners announced at our Christmas party

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What a fantastic night we had at the PA Life Christmas party and the announcement of the PA Life Star Awards 2023 winners. Huge congratulations to the winners and finalists in each of the six categories of what was our eighth year of PA awards. We kicked off the festive season in style at Inca […]

Women’s health struggles in the workplace still under the radar

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Women in work are struggling in silence. Vicky Walker, Group Director of People at Westfield Health reveals why women’s health in the workplace isn’t talked about more. Women across the country are opening up about their struggles with debilitating pelvic pain and general discomfort due to conditions such as endometriosis, adenomyosis and menopause. Many of these women have […]