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Friday, February 2, 2024

ChatGPT is causing major concerns for businesses

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Leading the world with investments in AI, America is home to the most ChatGPT users (15%) worldwide and in turn, businesses have been able to save thousands. However, the fear of AI still exists for many and ChatGPT is causing major concerns for businesses… With this in mind, prompt management tool AIPRM surveyed 3,000 people to find out which […]

PA Life reader offer: 15% off with the Best Chauffeur Company in Europe

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We are delighted to bring PA Life readers a fantastic offer of 15 % off with the Best Chauffer Company in Europe – EG Chauffeurs. The offer applies to your first booking. For a decade, EG Chauffeurs have assisted EAs, PAs, and VAs worldwide, arranging travel for their CEOs, executive board, clients or investors, and […]

Acting on the gender pay gap with early reporting creates real change

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It may be a few months away, but businesses acting on the gender pay gap with early reporting of their results can gain real advantage when it comes to communicating the results. “Ultimately, gender pay gap reporting isn’t about compliance and ticking a box and reporting some figures to the public. It’s about creating change.” […]