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Monday, June 3, 2024

AI investments by country: Who will dominate the future of technology

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Recent reports suggest AI investments are predicted to approach $200 billion globally by 2025, with countries competing to enjoy the benefits artificial intelligence has on productivity and the economy. In this report we look at AI investments by country between 2019 to 2023. AI statistics from AIPRM compared the data to find out who is leading the […]

New Access Guide by BMA House will enhance venue accessibility for all delegates

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BMA House, a leading conference and events venue located in the heart of London, has unveiled a Detailed Access Guide. It’s been developed in collaboration with AccessAble, the UK’s leading provider of detailed disabled access information. This launch marks a significant milestone in BMA House’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring accessibility for all its delegates… […]

Six ways AI can help you land your first graduate job 

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The time between leaving university and landing your first graduate job will test your patience as well as your confidence. Not only is it tough looking for a job anyway – you’ll be competing with the millions of other graduates who are potentially looking at the same jobs as you at the same time. Aidan […]