Social Pantry has a pleasure of inviting PA Life Club members to a morning of wellbeing with a panel discussion on how to prevent employee burnout followed by a wellbeing workshop. You will also be served a delicious and nutritious breakfast at the start of the morning, prepared by Social Pantry. 

Event Date and time: Tuesday 10th October, 8am-10:30am

Location: The Space, 117 Piccadilly, Mayfair W1J7JU 

About the Event:  

  • An immersive morning of workplace wellbeing with panel talks, practical workshops and delicious breakfast designed to nourish and inspire a healthier more productive workplace  

The Space is located on Piccadilly, London and offers engaging environments in thriving well connected locations in partnership with Social Pantry – workplace catering that feeds the wider company culture. 

The morning’s programme: 

From 8am: Breakfast with a daily selection of Social Pantry’s breakfasts pots & pastries  

9am: Panel discussion on ‘Preventing employee burnout’  

Panelists: Luminate, Vida Carmel, Sophie Trotman Nutrition and Rapha  

9:45am: Wellbeing workshop  

Luminate – train, coach, & support staff to help build happier, engaged and more productive teams, empowering businesses to create positive environments.  

Sophie Trotman Nutrition – Sophie is a Registered Nutritionist with practices in London and Lisbon, her wealth of knowledge for her field resonates with a broad clientele that rely on her expertise to improve their teams’ health and productivity.  

Vida Carmel – Vida is a behavioural change coach with over 9 years experience, her focus lies on wellbeing, belief change and conscious leadership, showing people how to build sustainable systems for themselves, others and the world. 

Rapha – Rapha believes that cycling is a fundamental force for good in the world, their work is to inspire and equip people to live a life by bike, all day, every day, and they do this by creating innovative cycling clothing with a positive environment and social impact.

Please RSVP below and you will be notified asap if you have a place.

wellbeing morning with Social Pantry
wellbeing morning with Social Pantry