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      Amelia Walker

      Fuelling efficiency – smartphones save Brits up to 28 minutes per day

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      New research carried out by online freelance marketplace, PeoplePerHour has shown that smartphones and their on demand apps help us to save up to 28.7 minutes per day, which adds up to a phenomenal 11,256 minutes – more than seven full days – per year. Smartphones have often been lambasted as a time drain but this new […]

      France to introduce new law which stops employees working out of hours

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      France is set to give workers the ‘right to disconnect’ from work emails outside of their contracted hours in a bid to ease pressure and offer a better work-life balance. Workers will be able to ignore telephone calls and emails from their bosses during evenings and weekends in an attempt to help them have more […]

      One million Brits can now clear their debts through their employer

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      A new employee benefit – enabling employees in the UK to take control of their finances, especially those who are experiencing difficulties managing their debt – is now available to one million people across the country. SalaryFinance offers UK businesses an employee benefit allowing staff to consolidate their existing personal debts and repay them via […]

      Just 3% of employers are helping staff understand the new Lifetime/ Annual Allowance

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      With the end of the tax year approaching and the reduction to the Annual and Lifetime Allowances (AA/LTA) to be implemented from 6 April, just 3% of employers are offering specific support for staff impacted by the change, according to the latest research from Close Brothers Asset Management. In the Budget in March last year, […]

      2016 is set to test our taste buds like never before

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      What on earth are we going to be eating this year? Prepare yourself, your taste buds are going to be put to the test in 2016, courtesy of these eight little gems Acai bowls Warming bowls of oatmeal (ie porridge, both sweet and savoury) are continuing their strong game in 2016, but now they have […]

      Young people face huge barriers with recruitment processes

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      Campaign launches to end disadvantage in youth recruitment and help companies attract the best young talent Negative experiences with recruitment hurt corporate reputations with one in three young people finding the process of applying for jobs difficult. Of those, one in five are put off that company and one in ten off the sector completely. […]

      All work and no play?

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      All work and no play? An AVirtual survey shows that’s rarely the case for the full-time employed. 57% of business owners believe that outsourcing work to virtual employees is more productive than having full-time in-house staff 1.6 business hours wasted every day by the average employee Sneaky cigarettes and social media are the biggest work-time […]

      Driven to distraction – Brits spend four years of their life driving to work and a further 110+ days trying to park

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      The daily commute has long been one of the greatest sources of frustration for workers. With the average worker clocking up nearly 8,000 miles per year, crowding and delays on public transport and an increasingly choked road network, there’s little wonder that for many people the morning trip to work is the low point of […]

      Would you like to be featured in PA Life magazine?

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      Hi All! Many of you have spoken to us about becoming much more involved with PA Life magazine – which is fantastic news for us, as it means that by doing so, we will continue to produce current, relevant and authentic content, tailored to you and your professional needs. We are therefore looking for contributors to provide information for our […]

      office* launches new Office Manager & PA Supplier Awards for 2016

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      office* – the award-winning business event for executive office support professionals, has launched a new set of awards to recognise the outstanding brands and suppliers serving the UK’s office manager and PA community. PAs, EAs, VAs, and office managers are invited to vote for their favourite UK suppliers across ten categories – covering everything from […]