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    Heading to an office for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know…

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    Thousands of Brits will be starting a new office job or making their first visit to the workplace in the coming months and could therefore be entering an office environment for the first time. Office work is one of the largest industries in the UK, but due to COVID-19, many British workers have found themselves working from home as a result of movement restrictions. This has meant that many workers will have started their careers working remotely or will have never set foot in an office previously. […]

    The evolving nature of hybrid working

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    By Tray Durrant, Executive Director, Bain and Gray It is vital to keep a close eye on the evolving employment market for both companies looking to recruit the best executive support staff and for candidates keen to move roles. The London support market is particularly complex now: alongside the regular skills set required of a […]

    Why upskilling is more important now than ever before

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    Up until a few years ago, obtaining your undergraduate degree was a pass to the vast world of employment. Unfortunately, a higher education certificate might not take you that far nowadays. Upskilling – the evolution of a person’s abilities and career path – has become a buzzword in today’s job ambience. Both employees and employers […]

    Why sustainability is important for businesses – but planting a tree isn’t the answer…

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    By Neil Bradbrook, MD, Ahead Business Consulting As the dust settles on COP26, which rather predictably failed to fulfil hopes and promises, the obvious question is: what next? Pandemics excepted, COPs normally take place every year. COP26 was important – not because Scotland was hosting, but because it is five COPs on from Paris, where […]

    ‘Shy girl’ author offers introverted women secrets for success

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    Melitta Campbell, an award-winning international business coach and best-selling author of ‘A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking,’ is helping other introverted female entrepreneurs build their businesses and create thriving networks using her VICTORY formula, insights and lessons learnt over her 25 years in business. As an introvert, getting out into the ‘networksphere’ was always a battle for […]

    How To: Defuse workplace conflict

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    An essential element that can define which businesses succeed and which don’t is how managers acknowledge, manage and de-escalate the conflicts that may arise. We asked international expert mediator and facilitator in conflict resolution, Jane Gunn (pictured, above), what are the best ways to de-escalate conflict? What leaders can do Appreciate the danger of doing […]

    5 Christmas party trends for 2021

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    Most PAs are likely to be amid organising the annual Christmas party right now. And after last year’s hiatus in celebrations, people have elevated expectations of this year’s event being bigger and better than ever. There may still be some complexities in planning an event that all the team are comfortable with, and meets health […]

    77% of the UK Experience This Work-Related Syndrome

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    You may read the phrase ‘imposter syndrome’ and be surprised that there’s a term for something you feel without realising it’s a common thing. Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough for the career you have? Do you doubt yourself and feel like an imposter in the workplace? Do you have a nagging […]

    Future of UK Workforce at Severe Risk of Burnout

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    With burnout prevalent amongst Generation (Gen) Z, a UK performance learning expert is imploring UK employers to reconsider how they engage staff to protect the future workforce. Specifically, 85% of those independently surveyed for the research ‘Gen Z’s Great Expectations’ agree that the post-pandemic world of work is increasing burnout and highlights the impact of […]

    Five ways for employers to improve men’s health and wellbeing

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    This Men’s Health Awareness month, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing is raising awareness of the growing mental and physical health risks for men and offering businesses five ways to better support men’s health and wellbeing. Research from the UK charity Men’s Health Forum highlights that one man in five dies before he reaches 65 in the UK. 75% […]