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    EVENTS & MEETINGS REBOOT: Tee time at the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

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    PA Life talks to Phyllis Wilkie, Director of Sales at the Old Course Hotel about the growing demand from corporate bookers for events later this year and beyond… What sort of demand are you seeing from corporate bookers since lockdown restrictions began easing? We are experiencing high level of enquiries for events towards the end […]

    What ‘hybrid working’ could mean for the UK workforce

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    Sridhar Iyengar, MD at Zoho Europe responds to the proposed law change to make it impossible to force workers back into the office… “As society reopens and the pandemic subsides for what is hopefully the last time, we can expect a majority of workforces to continue operations on a ‘hybrid’ basis – that is, taking […]

    Taking pride in inclusion: How to measure LGBT+ inclusivity in the workplace

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    By Ashley Williams, Psychologist at business psychology firm Pearn Kandola An inclusive workplace culture is one that effectively incorporates differences without eliminating them, and in which people flourish individually and unite as a high performing team. It’s the magic ingredient that allows employees to thrive and grow within their role. An inclusive culture not only […]

    Men’s Health Week: 5 ways to create a healthy workplace culture

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    This week (14th-20th June 2021) is Men’s Health Week. Physical and mental wellbeing have been important considerations for leaders over the past year and it is essential this focus is maintained as we build back for the future. Here five experts provide some practical tips leaders can implement to create healthy workplace cultures. Know the early […]

    Bringing Your Pets into the Office: The Pet-Friendly London Areas for Professionals

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    By Edward Griffin, CEO of WorkPad It’s back to the office for many, and for the 3.2 million households which welcomed a new pet into their lives over the pandemic, there may be concerns over separation anxiety, being allowed to bring our furry friends into the office, and how to keep their dogs well-behaved and popular […]

    Your employee rights during the pandemic

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    The team at Manak Solicitors provide a guide to your rights… The COVID-19 pandemic has changed working life for a lot of people. Whether you’re still going to work but with new precautions in place, on furlough, or working from home full-time, things are very different to the norm. It’s a difficult time, but there […]

    Business travel is back – and is providing an escape from WFH boredom

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    Emburse, a leader in expense management and accounts payable automation, has announced the findings of its latest YouGov survey, aiming to understand current attitudes towards business travel. The data paints an interesting picture of the renewed appetite for travel as a means to strengthen business relationships and escape the household. Workers have expressed an overwhelming […]

    4 reasons to crank up the tunes while you’re working

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    Since the start of the pandemic, over 11.2 million jobs have been furloughed. Moreover, the proportion of people working from home more than doubled in 2020. However, retail and hospitality spaces have opened their doors once more while offices are buzzing again. But after months off or remote working, many employees may need help getting back into the […]

    UK employees ‘not equipped’ to work from home permanently

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    Following the news that numerous blue-chip businesses, such as KPMG and Ernst & Young, have adopted a permanent hybrid working model, new research indicates that workers do not feel they have the tools or technology they need to work from home. The Global Working From Home Survey, commissioned by employee wellbeing specialist WRKIT, has found that […]

    When work makes the drive home more dangerous…

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    Most road traffic accidents happen on the drive home from work – and new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) has revealed exactly which characteristics of the working day have implications for road safety and why. According Dr Rebecca Hewett from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), Dr Michael Clinton, Prof. […]