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    TEAM-BUILDING: Here’s a virtual pub quiz question for you all…

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    Q: What virtual activity has multiple participants, encourages workplace productivity and motivation, and grew significantly in popularity in Spring 2020? A: The company Zoom pub quiz night, of course! Virtual quizzes, a game of rounders in the ‘old days’, race meets, and more… Any regular reader of PA Life will know that team-building is an […]

    Taking back to work anxiety off the menu in hospitality

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    There’s plenty of information out there at the moment about looking after our mental health in lockdown and trying to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle, but what about after lockdown? Back to work anxiety was bad enough for some of us on Sunday nights after a weekend of leisure time and lie ins. But […]

    How can HR improve productivity & working experience?

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    When the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, overnight business saw dramatic changes and part of these changes were the need for employees to work from home if they could. For some employees working from home was a new concept, as they would not have worked from home previously, for other employees they […]

    How many free hours are you working…?

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    Millions of Brits give up more than a month of time each year by working additional unpaid hours, totalling five years over their working life, according to new research. In a poll conducted by Hitachi Personal Finance for this year’s National Work Life Week, data has demonstrated exactly how much time Brits are spending working past their […]

    How you can prepare for proposed employment law changes

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    Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic have stalled employment law changes in recent years, but some of these could be resurrected in 2021. To help employers prepare and avoid any surprises, XpertHR has outlined seven proposed employment law changes that HR professionals should have on their radar: Strengthening workplace sexual harassment laws Following the #MeToo movement, the government […]

    Businesses should prepare for a surge in holiday bookings

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    Over the next few months, employers can expect to be inundated with annual leave requests warns Adrian Lewis, Director of Activ Absence. And he believes this makes it more important than ever to have robust systems in place to manage these requests and prevent HR getting overloaded. Following the Government’s announcement of how it will […]

    5 things businesses must do to safeguard employees as they return to the office

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    As businesses prepare to return to working in large scale offices and face-to-face meetings they need to fully consider the health and safety of their workforce. It is more important than ever to have a responsible testing procedure in place to predict and respond immediately to the changing landscape. Simon Checkley, CEO of The Regenerative […]

    Increase Technology Skills with Hidden Expertise

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    By Vickie Sokol Evans, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Founder/CEO of RedCape If you are looking for innovative ways to use the technology at your fingertips, sometimes you need look no further than your own office directory! Leveraging the skills and expertise of those around you can lead to breakthroughs and take your creative problem-solving to […]

    Get Headucated for Health & Wellbeing at Work Week

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    By Mark Newey, Founder, www.headucate.me… Health and Wellbeing at Work Week takes place on March 15-19th. Is your organisation providing enough support for employees? Perhaps you have Mental Health First Aiders in your workplace, but find there’s a missing link between them and your Employee Assistance Programmes? Are your employees calling out for more in-depth mental […]

    Feeling overwhelmed? Here are 5 tips for regaining control

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    By Janet Alkema, Time Management Expert… I think we are all feeling a little overwhelmed right now. When will the lockdown end? When will my child go back to school? Do I want to go back to the office? A million questions, but no concrete answers. We don’t have a new routine, we hold onto […]