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    Should parents be allowed to bring their children to work during summer holidays?

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    By Peninsula Associate Director of Advisory Kate Palmer  The summer holidays can be a struggle for working parents as they look to put in place childcare arrangements whilst the schools are shut.  During this time, employers will likely see an influx of requests for annual leave and may have to not allow some of their […]

    HOW TO: Maximise mental and physical wellbeing in summer months

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    Aside from hay fever and the odd insufferably hot day, summer is generally lauded for creating optimism and opportunities linked to the better weather. The benefits of the season can have a positive impact on the mental health and physical wellbeing of employees as a result, so how can businesses harness the good vibes that […]

    In focus: European venues in demand for their history

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    Event planners are increasingly placing an emphasis on working with venues that offer guests that money-can’t-buy experience. Clients are looking at ways they can lean on a venue’s story to enhance their own event experience. This has also led to demand for historic and unique venues, as clients are very much looking for ways to […]

    Flexible working: The benefits and the rules

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    Study after study is revealing that companies which offer flexible working conditions have happier staff, fewer absences and are more likely to attract and retain top talent. Lisa Carter reports… Flexible working is no longer seen as a perk, with employees now actively seeking places that allow them to better juggle the work/life balance. Events […]

    PA PROJECTS: The green office

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    Continuing our series of features looking at the tasks and projects that PAs are tackling, Karen Crowley, PA to the Managing Partner at construction specialist Baily Garner, discusses creating a more environmentally-friendly workplace… Unless you’ve been on a desert island in the middle of nowhere (which is where I would like to be…) you would […]

    6 Tips for encouraging a better mental health workplace

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    We spend so much of our life at the office. Eight hours a day, 40 hours a week and that’s not even counting commutes to and from work, any extra shifts or overtime. Before you know it, the office has become your home away from home. But what if your home away from home is […]

    PA Profile: Claudine Martin, Ministry of Defence

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    It’s not unusual for women to look for a new career path when they’ve had a baby. A switch from kids to camouflage isn’t something you hear about every day, though. But that’s exactly what happened to Claudine Martin – or Colour Sergeant Martin to give Claudine her official title. Lisa Carter visited the Ministry […]

    How to fight burnout in the workplace

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    Burnout is a health hazard in the workplace. Paul Friday, Director of Strategic Relationships at leading HR and payroll provider MHR, explores how HR can help protect employees from stress before it spirals out of control… Be honest… do you ever dread going to work? Do work worries hang over you all weekend to the […]

    How to talk to your boss about anxiety and depression

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    A top Priory psychiatrist talks you through it, with 10 important things to remember… In today’s economic climate, many can be forgiven for feeling ‘grateful’ to have a job and therefore all too easily the added pressures of working life get accepted rather than questioned. Many may even consider it a weakness to suggest they […]

    What’s the right salary for your age?

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    There’s a direct link between age and salary – for most people they will increase together as new skills are learned, more experience is gained, and potential is increased. Several variables also affect salary, including industry, development, skill set and even gender. Here are the facts about what employees need to know according to Instant […]