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    Top tips for preventing presenteeism in the ‘virtual’ workplace

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    By Kayleigh Frost, Head of Clinical Support at Health Assured… Presenteeism is a serious issue. People continuing to attend the office when sick, stressed, or burnt-out is a vicious cycle. If you’re already suffering, working through it isn’t going to make it any better. You might spend time at your desk, but when you’re unable […]

    The implications for exec support staff coming out of the pandemic

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    Bain and Gray’s Executive Director Tray Durrant provides the second part of market insights from the recruitment specialist’s annual survey… With the right combination of efficient technology, good management and constant communication to keep everyone up to date, the past year has proved that homeworking can be productive. The requirement for exceptional organisation skills is […]

    ‘Normalise different’ and have a mental health safety net for a successful return to the workplace

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    Ahead of Mental Health Week on May 10th-16th, Christine Husbands, managing director at RedArc discusses the potential for the forthcoming return to work to induce further anxieties amongst staff… Employers will only truly understand the magnitude of the post-pandemic mental health toll on their employees when they start recalling staff back to the workplace. Our conversations with […]

    Expert Insight: Hybrid Working is the future for UK’s biggest employers

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    Further to new reports by the BBC that almost all 50 of the UK’s biggest employers have said they do not plan to bring staff back to the office full-time, a selection of industry experts reveal their thoughts on the future of hybrid working… Hybrid working will lead to a better, more balanced existence The […]

    EVENTS & MEETINGS REBOOT: Church House Westminster offers flexible options across live, hybrid & virtual

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    As PAs and corporate bookers look for event options and venues navigate the loosening of restrictions, PA Life looks at the options for events over the coming weeks. We speak to Elena Kruger at Church House Westminster about the demand for the venue’s live, hybrid and virtual options and the demand right now from bookers… […]

    5 signs you have a toxic boss – and how to navigate it

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    If you feel that your boss is the hardest part of the job, you are not alone. According to Google trend data, the search term how to deal with my boss, has received a 6,100% uplift in searches within the last month alone.  As the WFH movement is set to continue, trying to navigate a […]

    Anxiety about writing in colleague’s cards is apparently a thing…

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    If you get sweaty palms at the thought of signing a group card, new guidance has been released to help those suffering from anxiety-led writers’ block. A new study of 2,000 adults found more than half (52 per cent) feel anxious when it comes to signing a card with friends or colleagues. A third (32 […]

    Hiring trends in the exec support sector – and the effect of the pandemic

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    Bain and Gray’s Executive Director Tray Durrant provides the first in a two-part series providing market insights from the recruitment specialist’s annual survey… Little did we know at the start of 2020 the tumultuous year that lay ahead. Pre-pandemic, the executive support industry was robust and employment at a record high of over 75%. Then […]

    EVENTS & MEETINGS REBOOT: Whilton Mill welcomes back team-building guests

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    PA Life talks to Daniel Whittemore, Sales & Marketing Director at Whilton Mill Karting and Outdoor Activities in Northamptonshire about opening the venue once again for team-building activities – and the demand he’s seeing for bookings… Are you already hosting live team-building events? Thankfully, Whilton Mill Karting & Outdoor Activities reopened for team-building events on […]

    It’s official: Working in admin is more dangerous than roofing

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    After a tumultuous year, many Brits are job-hopping and changing industries, but some jobs are more dangerous than others. A new study by GoCompare Life has analysed HSE data from the last five years to find out which jobs are the most dangerous in the UK, based on workplace fatalities. The data also looked at how much […]