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    What has lockdown done for UK’s tech sector?

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    By Tom Chambers, Associate Director of Technology & Growth, Robert Walters One in ten job roles advertised in the UK were tech-related during the pandemic – and by summer 2021 will reach 100,000 job vacancies per month. The tech sector boasts an agile workforce that embraces new digital solutions before other sectors, and as a result […]

    Video: Interview with Joanne Manville, Founder of Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance

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    Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance has been running for over five years and has evolved from ‘just’ Joanne to a team of amazing VAs. In this interview PA Life speaks to Joanne about why she decided to become a Virtual Assistant, the South West VA Collaboration and essential tools she uses in her in day-to-day role. […]

    How to land a job in tech – and why you should consider a start-up for your next career move

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    By Hollen Spatz, VP of People & Operations at ClassPass Job hunting is never easy – it’s a challenging process that has been made even more difficult by a global pandemic. The good news is that opportunities still exist, particularly in the tech world. The pandemic has forced almost every business to move some elements of […]

    5 minutes with… Holiday PA’s Sandie Lehal on the impact COVID-19 has had on her travel business

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s travelling plans, but what do you do if you work in the travel sector? We spoke to Sandie Lehal, Founder of Holiday PA, about the impact COVID-19 has had on her travel business… Q: What inspired you to start Holiday PA? I gave up a corporate career, working all […]

    The Impact of Remote Working on Mental Health and How Team Building Events Can Help

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    By Lorna Boyer, Marketing and PR, Eventurous Ltd As we all try to make sense of the latest lockdown rules and guidance, a focus on employee wellbeing is becoming more important than ever. An increase in remote working has left employees feeling demotivated, and a lack of definition between work and home makes it harder […]

    Joining the world of technical jargon and abbreviations

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    By Louise Stevenson, Operations Manager & EA to CEO, Criton If you’re anything like me, you will love embracing new technology; though we often give little thought as to how that technology is developed and the stages it goes through to reach us. Peek behind the curtain and you will find a world of jargon and […]

    Emerging technologies that will change a PA’s life forever 

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    By Robert Faulkner, a family and child psychologist, best hookup sites review Change your life with these emerging modern technologies. A PA (personal assistant’s) role is constantly adapting, and new technology can help with this. We look at some of the upcoming tech trends that will make life as a PA much easier. When the […]

    The WFH Buzzwords that has become the ‘New Normal’ in 2021

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    By John Williams, Head of Marketing at The Instant Group The unexpected events over the past year have changed the way we work, the way we socialise, and even how we talk. By March 2020, the word “Coronavirus” had become one of the most frequently used nouns in the English language, and with it came […]

    Doing Your Part for Corporate Health and Wellbeing

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    By Dawn Eaton, Assistant to Abby Summerville, Global Amenities Direct “Corporate wellness”: this term refers to programs, policies, benefits, and environmental support designed to ramp up the health and safety of all employees. Let’s cut to the chase, now more than ever we need to be looking after our members of staff. Whilst we appreciate that […]

    Delivering events in a COVID-19 world

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    At the end of 2020, OrangeDoor held a series of discussions and interviews with business leaders across a diverse range of industries for its ‘Events Industry Barometer’ Report. Based on the feedback from these conversations, broader market trends and OrangeDoor’s own extensive experience, here are some key points on delivering events in a world determined […]