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      Coronavirus: Event technology at Church House is shifting physical events online

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      With the World Health Organization characterising the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic, alternative event delivery methods are top of our minds to ensure that meetings and conferences that require real-time engagement continue without interruption.   In this interview, Church House’s Audio-Visual Manager, Bradley Hill, explains how the venue is utilising event technology to ensure that events can […]

      Coronavirus: Productivity and security at risk from remote working

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      By Stuart Dickinson, COO at eacs Although the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is itself grabbing the headlines, the impact it is having on UK businesses, both big and small, is still unclear.   In light of the recent contagion across Europe, organisations are starting to respond by implementing remote working strategies, but how well will businesses cope if most staff are self-isolating or avoiding travelling to the workplace? According to eacs, leaders in […]

      Coronavirus: Expert advice for business preparedness

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      By Celine Murphy, Managing Director, Priavo Security Priavo Security are receiving increased enquiries requesting global support and intelligence amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Organisations have been responding in several ways; limiting travel, cancelling trips and postponing events which is resulting in significant disruption and budgetary implications.  As the impact of the COVID-19 continues to grow, organisations are finding […]

      Coronavirus: Are your working from home policies up to date?

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      By Alan Price, HR expert and CEO at BrightHR With coronavirus cases continuing to increase, an option that many employers should be exploring right now is permitting staff to work from home. While some companies may already have homeworking agreements in place, for others this may be a first-time scenario. Whatever the situation, there are a […]

      Coronavirus: How businesses can prepare

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      Coronavirus is here, the WHO has now declared it a global pandemic and countries including the UK are on various stages of lockdown. Business owners must continue to monitor the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on their employees, facilities and supply chains as decisions may need to be made quickly to take account of what […]

      Is the PA’s value in the workplace being underestimated?

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      Attitudes to towards office administrators may have changed since the 1950s, but are they still taken for granted? Kate Warburton, EA to the CEO at Truphone asks the question… I have worked in the administration field now for eight years, and have been lucky enough in that time to work alongside a number of fantastic […]

      How To: Achieve mindful meetings

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      Unproductive meetings can waste time – so can they be managed more effectively? The Grand Brighton’s General Manager Andrew Mosley has some ideas on how to do just that… Planning meetings is undoubtedly a time-consuming task. And, with our working weeks becoming busier than ever, it’s time to get smart about how we dedicate our […]

      Presenteeism ‘inadvisable for businesses during coronavirus outbreak’

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      We asked Hira Ali, author of Her Way To The Top: A Guide To Smashing The Glass Ceiling, to explain more about presenteeism amidst the coronavirus outbreak… Why do some people suffer from presenteeism more than others? Being absent or working from home is traditionally associated with laziness. There is also a long standing office […]

      Workplace Wellbeing: How to create a workplace culture that manages stress

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      CABA, the wellbeing charity, shares its advice on creating cultures that help to manage stress in the workplace… The past few years have seen many traditional taboos broken and developments in the workplace have reflected this, such as the introduction of shared paternity leave and the increasing conversation around the impact of the menopause at work. […]

      Tips for a successful career change in 2020

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      If the New Year saw you resolve to step up the career ladder – or even consider something completely different, read on for some useful advice for anyone, no matter what your circumstance… According to the latest YouGov data, over a fifth (22 per cent) of Brits said they were likely to be on the […]