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    How to plan a successful office move

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    If you’re putting together plans to relocate your business, it’s likely you’ll find it can be as challenging as it is exciting, writes Amvia’s Nathan Hill-Haimes… Ensuring that you have everything in place in a timely manner is imperative if you want to avoid costly downtime and disappointed customers. Depending on the size of your […]

    More Brits getting their ‘side hustle’ on

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    More Brits in full-time employment are taking on an extra job, or ‘side hustle,’ to compliment their full time salary. In fact, the research from Hiscox shows that one in four Brits are a ‘side hustler.’ Usually flexible in nature, these secondary projects can take many forms, from freelance work to selling handicrafts. And, while […]

    The dos and don’ts of workplace dress codes

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    Virgin Atlantic has given female cabin crew more choice to ‘express themselves how they wish at work’ by dropping mandatory makeup rules while in the air, with the airline also providing female crew trousers as part of their standard uniform, rather than only providing them on request. But what are the dos and don’ts of workplace […]

    National Stress Awareness Month: Mental illness costs 300k jobs annually

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    300,000 people in the UK lose their jobs due to mental illness each year, with 86% admitting to observing presenteeism in the workplace. That’s according to new research on mental health within the workplace from Instant Offices, encouraging businesses to support their teams to speak about and prioritise mental health, while retaining a healthy work-life […]

    National Stress Awareness Month: How can Brits improve their work-life balance?

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    We have an important issue to address as almost one third of UK workers feel they have a poor work-life balance. CT Shirts investigates… We have investigated how the UK can improve and taken some tips from other countries. It can take its toll on our home life happiness, relationships and mental health, so this is not […]

    The secrets of Travel Risk Management: Part Two

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    In the second of a two-part analysis Jonathan Gahagan, Business Development & Travel Risk Consultant at Securewest International, shares his top tips for PAs when arranging travel… In Part 1 of this piece we looked at the challenges faced by organisations in supporting PA’s and EA’s in the travel approval process. With Global Business travel […]

    Half of managers not trained on mental health issues

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    Within every business, there will be those who suffer in silence to the point that control is lost and the very act of getting out of bed becomes utterly overwhelming. To mark the start of National Stress Awareness Month, Instant Offices investigates… Employees are still reluctant to share mental health information with their managers or […]

    Why every manager needs empathy, optimism and resilience – and how to achieve it

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    What sorts of skills do managers really need? Ensuring that your team is happy is vital to productivity, energy levels and workplace wellbeing. Skills and effective behaviours expert Emma-Sue Prince (pictured) explains… You are probably used to tapping into a variety of skills, techniques and competences to manage people, teams and get the most out […]

    Times have changed – And it’s time the workplace did too

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    Workplace culture is a hot topic and one that never fails to raise a reaction. Harpreet Singh, Executive Director at technology and management consultancy Brickendon offers some thoughts… In November 2018, tens of thousands of Google employees conducted a worldwide walkout targeting workplace culture less than a year after the internet giant topped Fortune magazine’s list of best […]

    Checking In: The Grand, Brighton

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    Steeped in rich history, The Grand, Brighton is like no other hotel thanks to its fascinating past. Jade Burke checks into the independent hotel for the night to find out how it looks after its guests and why it has remained an iconic landmark on the south coast… Facing the seafront, The Grand is a […]