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      The importance of switching off from work to avoid burnout

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      By David Price, workplace wellbeing expert and CEO of health and wellbeing provider, Health Assured 2020, then. It’s been a stressful year for everyone—it seemed to start pretty well, but then COVID-19 happened, and we find ourselves hurtling into a summer that might be more of a damp squib than a sunny scorcher. That’s not […]

      Flexible furlough means staff can return to work part time – what does it mean for managers?

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      Changes introduced by the Government to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) from July 1st will allow employers to bring furloughed staff back into the workplace for part of the week.  It is, says employment lawyer Royds Withy King, an important step towards reintroducing staff back into the workplace before the furlough scheme closes entirely at […]

      UK Businesses Could Pay Up to £250,000 of Annual Leave Post-COVID-19

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      As employees return to work, UK businesses are likely to face a backlog of annual leave requests that could cost thousands of pounds. By collecting data and analysing the average monthly salary at a baseline at £2,214 and at least 50% of employee annual leave owed, Coworking Specialists Instant Offices has calculated how much it […]

      The ‘new norm’ of live events

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      By Rebecca Thomas, Eventify Eventify are delighted to sponsor PA Life LIVE. We jumped at the chance to be involved as soon as we saw the title: Post Lockdown Reboot: Helping Your Company Return to Business. We cannot wait to resume doing what we do best, which is making events special, and helping people navigate […]

      Masterclass in Preparedness – Getting ready to return to work after COVID

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      With lockdown easing up and the prospect of returning to work causing many to feel anxious — due to spending the last three months being told to stay at home, respect social distancing and losing touch with a work routine — it’s vital for workplaces to evaluate the best ways to re-introduce staff successfully and […]

      What leave and flexible working are parents entitled to during the pandemic?

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      Advice by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula With many children set to remain out of school for some time, employers who are trying to return to normal may see an increase in parents struggling with childcare. To this end, they must be familiar with the rights that working parents have. Denying employees […]

      Managing feelings of loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic

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      Ahead of Loneliness Awareness Week (June 15th-19th), Naomi Thompson, Head of Organisational Development at Benenden Health, provides insight into how employers can help keep feelings of loneliness at bay for their remote and furloughed employees. As the Government has recently announced its furlough scheme will be extended to October 2020 and some businesses are still operating […]

      5 Minutes With… Mandy Jennings, Venues of Excellence

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      We recently spoke to to Venues of Excellence Executive Director Mandy Jennings about the benefits of Membership Consortiums in challenging industry times, how they planned to support members through the pandemic, plus the views of both members and industry partners… How did Venues of Excellence (VoE) react with a plan for members as we went […]

      Opinion: Why PAs & EAs should aim to be ambassadors for their colleagues

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      By Kate Warburton, EA to the CEO at Truphone With all of the responsibilities that Executives/Managers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, it is often easy for them to not recognise, or merely just not have the time to think about ideas/issues that may seem obvious to you and/or your colleagues. Some Senior […]

      Post-lockdown office conundrum: Is it professional to wear headphones at work?

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      For many, wearing headphones at work can be helpful, but for some it’s seen as unprofessional, unsociable or even rude. It can be tricky to work out the best way to keep everyone happy, so music licensing company PPL PRS Ltd have put together some advice to help you gauge whether you’re in the right or wrong […]