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      10 ways to encourage a safe return to the office after Lockdown

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      Lockdown has taken its toll on both individuals and businesses, and many of us are feeling eager to return to normal, or at least a ‘new normal’. Since the Covid-19 lockdown, research shows that approximately 60 per cent of the UK’s adult population are now working from home, a transition that has been essential, yet […]

      How To: Tackle team-building activities when lockdown’s over

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      It’s often more stressful than organising the Christmas Party, but preparing team-building activities doesn’t have to be a chore. As we edge to wards an end to lockdown Nicky Brown, Director of Arctic Fox Events offers some wise words of advice for bringing your teams back together… Teambuilding can be a word that casts fear […]


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      For business leaders, decision-making during this time feels like a roll of the dice and the idea of workforce planning is seen as an impossible dream. But, could it be part of the answer for businesses to emerge healthier and more balanced into the future right now?  With this question in mind, Matthew Dickason, Global […]

      Five things companies need to consider before employees return to the workplace

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      by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula Earlier this week, the UK Government released a roadmap for easing lockdown provisions in England, including instructing workers to go back to work if they cannot feasibly work from home and their workplace is open. It’s important to note, that this does not mean that everything […]

      A ‘new normal’ for office space rentals

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      Whilst economic uncertainty has fuelled the growth of the flexible office sector in recent times, the ramifications of a pandemic may have created a whole new dimension to approaching the rental of an office. In addition to financial and flexibility considerations, many organisations may also now focus on other factors including hygiene and disaster recovery […]

      Taking offline events into the virtual realm

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      By Svetlana Bezrodnaya, JTB Europe The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly transformed the events industry, with planning for face-to-face events, conference and meetings completely turned on its head during this period.  We are fully aware of the benefits and value that events and conferences have on businesses, whether it be in drawing in new customers, motivating […]

      You will spend the equivalent of 34 years staring at screens…

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      The average adult will spend the equivalent of 34 years of their lives staring at screens. Research polling 2,000 Brits found more than 4,866 hours a year are spent glued to gadgets such as phones, laptops and televisions. This equates to 301,733 hours over the average adult lifetime of 62 years. Up to three-and-a-half hours […]


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      Communicating in front of a screen has become a daily norm, as the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing many of us online. We tend to assume that work and productivity stops when workers take time to relax when working from home, or at their desk. However those who are able to take micro-breaks and relax are […]

      Networking 2.0: What will be the new metrics for meetings

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      By Danny Pecorelli, Managing Director, Exclusive Collection The event sector is built on the business of networking, whether a business event, family celebration or partnering with likeminded suppliers.  We shake hands, shape ideas and share knowledge and the 2-metre distancing rule is sure to have a major impact on how meetings are managed and staged. […]

      Apparently, these are the signs that someone is a hard worker…

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      Helping colleagues when you don’t need to, never missing a deadline – and volunteering for more are signs you’re a ‘hard worker’, according to research. Other signs you’re impressing your boss include having a comprehensive To Do list, getting in early and staying late, and offering to go to boring meetings. The poll of 2,000 […]