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    App of the Week: Remente

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    The pocket personal trainer and mindfulness coach to welcome you into 2018 We’re reaching the end of January with 2017 far behind us and many still feeling the pressures of the January Blues. Payday is still more than a week away for most of us, our friends are giving up on their Dry January ambitions […]

    App of the week: Fabulous – Motivate me

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    Welcome to 2018! Leaving behind the old year and propelling ourselves confidently into the new can be a daunting feeling but with a little bit of hard work and self-determination, this could be the year that your dreams come true. Declared one of Google’s top apps as well as Apple’s recent App of the Day, […]

    App of the Week: Shapr

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    The popularity of dating apps like Tinder and Grindr have made the once-niche activity of online dating into a worldwide phenomenon, making the previously taboo apps not only household names, but industry innovators whether you buy in to that kind of thing or not. Shapr wants to be the Tinder of businesses, the modern-day networking […]

    App of the Week: Shuffle My Life

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    When I’m busy and a deadline looms, I often feel as if there isn’t enough time in the world to get everything done. Despite this, when I actually have a moment to breathe and reassess, I normally end up feeling like I have nothing to do; my internal to-do list becomes so clogged up with […]

    Apps of the Week: Christmas Shopping

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    You work hard, you have a strict and busy schedule to keep you afloat amongst the deadlines, expectations and responsibilities of modern life. Then the holiday season strikes and now there’s more pressure on your time and money than ever, perhaps you might even consider a nice relaxing divorce to calm yourself down. Looking to […]

    App of the Week: ClearFocus

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    It’s been well documented by PA Life that we can actually work harder if we take more breaks in between tasks, as spending too long staring at one task can leave you distracted and actually  negatively affect your workload. There are plenty of ways to combat this, be it by breaking up the day with […]

    App of the Week: Spendee

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    A big part of life is budgeting but it’s not always fun, easy or satisfying to take the time to manage your finances. I’ve personally attempted various different strategies to try and find where all the money goes each month, and with Christmas on the way many of us will need to be extra careful […]

    How often do you injure yourself because of your phone?

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    Have you ever walked into another person, a wall or lamppost because you were looking at your phone instead of where you were going? Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone on your face in bed or missed your bus or train because you were glued to a screen? You aren’t the only one… A […]

    App of the Week: Pushbullet

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    It’s safe to say we live in the digital age now, and piles of papers have become bundles of crossed wires, memory sticks and devices. It can be quite confusing, especially under pressure and to a time limit. I struggle to find the right remote control to change the TV channel, let alone remember where […]

    App of the Week: Countdown

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    How often do deadlines creep up on you? I know I’m prone to leaving things later than I realise and end up taken by surprise by a deadline much closer than expected. You know your deadline is approaching, you know the date, you know the time, but do you realise just how close you really […]